It's Time to Win Some Pirate101 Beta Keys and Shark Week

Pirate101 is on its way, and I've recently made it into beta (Thank you, Paige Moonshade, for your Twitter trivia!). You can join, too, because there are a ton of new contests from which you can earn beta keys! It's time to put your boots on, though, because there are so many people that this could get dirty! That being said, don't get upset with anyone if you don't win, and they do - be a good sport! That alone might get you a key!

While the key giveaways have nearly reached their close, be sure to check out some awesome conclusions to amazing contests! Here's a complete list of where to find giveaways!

That's not all, though! It's also Shark Week, and that means free gifts and more! Want a free one-day Shark Mount? Go to and type in the code "sharkweek" for your shark! Plus, check out these shark facts and funnies!

  • Sharks come in more than 350 different varieties
  • The first sharks date back 400 million years ago
  • Sharks can grow and use around 20,000 teeth in their lifetime
  • Shark skeleton is made of cartilage instead of bone, which makes it more flexible
  • Sharks can smell their prey from up to a mile away
  • The Whale Shark, the largest shark, can live up to 100-150 years old

Q: What does a shark like to watch on TV?
A: Anything but Flipper!

Q: Why did the shark cross the Great Barrier Reef?
A: To get to the other TIDE!

What's even beta - sorry - better? Check out this Pirate101 feature on Shark Week for brand new in-game photos! 

If you didn't know at this point, I am in on beta for Pirate101. What's the saying, again? "It's cool, I'm in, ..." Something of the sort, but that's gotten old. Let me tell you, though, that you'll enjoy it. NDA prevents me from saying anything more, but don't worry, when Pirate101 hits live, you'll be hearing ALL about it! By then, you'll probably be in beta, too, though!

Pirate101 is so much fun that I've neglected to keep up-to-date on my blog, so we're going to fix that here. I'm also "tabbing out" some HTML this weekend for the new site. It's getting closed to finished! Speaking of which, I put a new poll up regarding contests, so let me know what you think!

Stay tuned for more! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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