Swordroll's Blog Update Notes (1)

You know, after months of designing, redesigning, reworking things, coding HTML, asking questions, talking with others, and spending countless hours on this side project, the new design and content is finally complete, and it sure looks to be worth it so far! Here's a look at the complete updates!

This design might have taken a minute to load upon first arrival, but it should be running quickly now!


  • The site has an all new design, of course. Text looks slightly different and is now dark on white
  • The white background will make unique designs easier to accomplish
  • New graphic elements can be found all throughout the new design
  • To maximize space, the sidebar has been removed from all non-blog pages using conditionals
  • This design uses separate stylesheets so that it should work on all browsers and resolutions
  • This design has been tested a bit already in various browsers and on various resolutions
  • The use of navigation on a single page has been implemented
  • There are now "Back to Top" buttons at the end of each expandable division
  • Many items are now in expandable divisions to save space - just click to show or hide them
  • Links are now on a top bar which follows you, so there's no need for excessive scrolling on long pages
  • The design now incorporates both Pirate101 and Wizard101 equally.
  • The header now has Wizard101 US, UK, and Pirate101 characters.
  • A new post-sorter bar is now at the top, and is quick access to posts from any page
  • Now that this design is finished, more blog posts are underway
  • Blog posts will remain in the same format - photo, intro. paragraph, page break
  • Posts, as well as the sidebar, have taken on a new look
Guides and Information
  • Old guides have been updated, and new guides have been added
  • Zeke quests are re-formatted to show maps when mousing over an image
  • New guides are in the works
  • We now have an entertainment page with brand-new games and featured videos and websites.
  • You can recommend games for creation here
  • What used to be a mini-forum is now a community page
  • This page has a unique bulletin board containing news and information from the KingsIsle community
  • This bulletin board offers spaces for anyone
  • Submit your own site or visit other official and fan-submitted sites here
  • Visit our contests page, privacy policy, or submissions page from here
  • There are Wallpapers and Icons here for you to download for personal use
  • Instructions on how to use both are included
  • Helpful websites and tools are listed here as well

Please - help me test all of these new things! If you find bugs, visit the Submissions Page for information on how to submit them! Thanks!

More to come soon! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. WOWwww!!! I love it! Sorry, didn't really understand any of the post :P but, I don't see anything wrong with it!

  2. Swordroll, your blog is absolutely STUNNING - nice job!

  3. Love the new look! Keep up the good work.


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