Ravenwood Ball Photos & Recap and Blizzard Elf Winner!

Everyone had a blast at the third annual Ravenwood Ball and Birthday Bash (Happy Birthday, Fallon!). From pre-party pictures to dance lines, Fire Elf races, and more, there was certainly no lack of excitement! I even hosted a mini-party! I've gathered some pictures and am going to provide a quick recap of the event. Plus, one lucky blog member is going to win a Blizzard Elf!

Let's start with a photo taken 24 hours before the event began. Here, you can see all sorts of people you might know - Anthony Deathbane, Edward Lifegem, myself, Jack Dawnsong, etc. (Let me know if YOU'RE in here!)

The day of the party was pretty crazy. I didn't know that it was so big, so I logged on about noon, only to find that there was already an Area 2! The party started at four! I teleported to a friend, and saw that the festivities had already begun! Before long, everyone had formed a massive dance line!

Don't be fooled by that first very, it was VERY long!

After the dancing died down, Paige Moonshade decided to host a few races! We started out with a Fire Elf race!

And, as I stepped away from the computer, a mount race began!

About four o'clock, Fallon and others started showing up - including Stephen Spiritcaller from Ravenwood Radio! We took a group photo in front of the Fire School.

After that, the festivities began! I ran away with about 25 wizards to my Winter Winds Tower, where several started a Pagoda run and PvPed, while others participated in Tag and the Scavenger Hunt! There were also all eight minigames and teleport tapestries for the guests' enjoyment!

Here's another photo playing the Scavenger Hunt inside! Amber Rosepetal is beating us all really badly, here!

It was my first year at the Ravenwood Ball, but after it, I definitely plan to go again next year! Thanks for the awesome celebration, and Happy Birthday again, Fallon!

Now, are the members at Swordroll's Blog awesome or what? I'd say they are! Not too long ago, we passed 100 members, and that means that someone wins a Blizzard Elf! But who?

Don't worry, even if you didn't win, you can tell your friends to become a member here! Once we reach 125 members (just 15 more!), one lucky person will win 5000 crowns! And the prizes don't stop there!

As I was saying on Twitter, you might not believe who the winner is! I got several interesting responses.

The reason it's crazy is because she's wanted one really badly! Not only that, but she recently won an Energy Elixir (must have been to help train this guy)! Our winner is Paige Dramcloud!

Congratulations! Just remember, the fun isn't over yet! Become a member now, and we'll have a raffle for 5000 crowns once we hit 125 members! http://www.swordroll.com/p/contests.html

As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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