Wizard101 Concepts Hint at New World

Even with Pirate101 information on the rise, J. Todd Coleman's Wizard101 concepts haven't slowed. If anything, they've grown in number and frequency. While a number of concepts that I'll share with you are characters and places that we're familiar with, there's also a photo or two of a brand new, mystery location. Using a few good observations, we can guess that this is new content - could it be a new world?

Check out that first concept! Pretty impressive use of color and overall design, right? Looks to be some sort of fairy-style world, doesn't it? Actually, that's what many people believed and still believe! However, take a closer look. There's the Fire Elf Village in the bottom part of the picture. That's the White Owl Tower in the bottom left. There's the mushroom-filled Leprechaun Village in the back, and you can see a variety of other well-know places as well. This is the Wild.

AHA! A new world - oh wait, that's just Watson. While we may or may not have seen this concept before, J. Todd Coleman shared it as one of his favorites, saying that he loved the personality of this character, even in the concept!

This is a concept of an Avalon castle. You saw it used many times in Wizard101. J. Todd Coleman posted this comment along with it.

"Here's a nice interior concept from Avalon. We often do things in cross-section, with breakouts for props or items that require more detail."

This concept is a beautiful, scenic view of the Zamunda Outskirts. You can see the river, burning tower, and Zamunda entrance!

While the Wild concept is definitely my favorite, this one of the Crystal Caves in also beautiful. 

Black Annie's Hut is an iconic Avalon location. We saw it in pictures even before Avalon was released. In the rain along the Lake Shore, this is a superbly done location. As you know, everything starts with a concept, and you can see here how a concept can translate into an in-game piece.

The translation is fairly accurate, too. Notice the hut, it's windows, the door, the roof, and even the fencing around the platform!

Now take a look at this concept. Remember it? It's part of the Wyrd - it's a tree village that's on fire. One of your in-game quests actually involved saving it. The color is very similar to my first and favorite concept.

The art team at KingsIsle really does a great job! On a side note, the Lead Concept Artist, Dave Greco, actually talked about the concept to in-game process among other things with me during my interview with him! You can read it HERE!

Ok, so you've been waiting for it, and I've been holding off. Take a look at this tree, here! Probably nothing, right? Just a fancy tree for a side-quest that you missed. But it's not. In fact, it's part of a mystery location, as J. Todd Coleman puts it. Here are his exact words:

"...and here's a nice mystery location for you. :)"

So, what says that this isn't the next Pirate101 world? Well, first of all, Wizard101 shared the image, and Pirate101 did not. Second, look at the two battle circle areas. Thrace, the Wizard101 UK Team Manager, commented, saying "My guess would be Yggdrasill. Maybe using Nidavellir as gateway? That is the Norse mythology cosmos tree that connects all other worlds. Though Grandmother Raven's tree is already borrowing it."

Remember how J. Todd Coleman talked about "breakout items" for specific decorations that require additional attention or work? This is an example.

Is it just me that's never seem this before? Some believe it to be a part of this new mystery location. So here's the question - is this mystery location a subdivision of an existing world, a world expansion such as Wintertusk, or a whole new world together? What do you think? 

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Pretty 100% sure I saw the well in my friends Avalon playthrough. I think the tree is the only mystery location. Everything else is Avalon or Pirate101 with the exception of the zafaria concept.

  2. Interesting post! I read the whole thing and I defiantly think it's Wizard101. As you stated because Wizard101 shared it, and not Pirate101. Now what could this place be? I think it could be, Weirwood! I mean, the Yggdrasill idea is great, because if you do a simple Yahoo! image search you see a similar tree, with just additional items. We do, on the other hand have lots of world names that NPC's in Wizard101 and Pirate101 have said.

    So I defiantly think a month or two after Pirate101 is released the Wizard101 new world will be.

    Because as of now, I think everybody is SUPER excited for Pirate101 and making the choice of, same old same old Wizard and NEW Pirate101, 95% of people would make the choice of Pirate101 over Wizard101. If Pirate101 was public and Wizard101 had a new world near the same time.

    Also this is not mentioned in your post but, do you think more people would buy Wizard101 or Pirate101 items in the long run? I for one, would immediately buy a Pirate101 item but after a while, I think Wizard101 and Pirate101 will equal out.

    Heh, another question. Do you remember when on Kingsisle.com had that image with the question mark... well what happen to those 3 - 4 background pictures? They do NOT add up to the current ones for Pirate101.

    Thanks for reading,

    -Justin (DeathyWiz) Shadowblade
    ~Keep It Dead

  3. I do think a Grizzlehiem expansion is coming. They actually hinted it in Avalon. One of the quests in Avalon makes you get something from the library in Caer Lyon and give it to the Ministral guy. He's going to a cold area called Nodor. A small explanation of what is Nodor is given, and it says it's a frozen tundra where the first Woolly Mammoths appeared along, and the level 68 ice spell quest for the mammoth spell says that they live in (and maybe only found in) Grizzlehiem. Coincidence?

  4. Interesting thoughts.

    I do think that Pirate101 is overtaking Wizard a bit. For awhile, it'll be the new thing and I think that Wizard will see a decline in log ins for a bit. After Pirate101 gets played through and slows down, they'll even out.

  5. The tree is mainly more interesting, two duel circles doesn't make that much sense unless it is like that duel circle in Outer Yard in Avalon.My guess would be that it is part of a new bundle, a crown shop house or the third world to the Grizzlehiem side quest saga.I would be surprised if that was the Moganthe show down and not that Darkmoor place that Mr. Coleman posted a picture on his Facebook.

  6. the well is the well of anwwn and the mystery thing is the tree of secrets in saltmeadow swamp

  7. Nope, i think that that well is the well at the entrance from the Catacombs to the Crystal Caves.


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