Pirate101 Highlight: Showdown With Captain Blood!

In an encounter with Death, we learn how to defeat Captain Blood... and an interesting puppet show that is! Obviously, there are some major Cool Ranch and overall story spoilers here, so if you want to experience it for yourself first, stop here! However, I encourage you to take a quick look at this final fight with a pirate who supposedly couldn't be killed!

You see, Death an Captain Blood have a history. Death, unfortunately, has a gambling problem.

Captain Blood wanted to live forever, though no one really knows why - he's simply pillaging and plundering, obsessed with the pirate's life. However, Blood was uptight about his immortal life, so he challenged Death to a friendly game of cards.

During the last hand, he bet his immortal soul - and Death accepted! However, during that turn, he left to go to the bathroom, and took his cards with him - never to return!

Since then, no one could hurt of even harm Blood. His immortal soul was on the line in an unfinished game. Of course, since then, Death has changed the rules, but he can't enforce them on Blood.

And so, until Blood's own hand plays his cards next to Death's, he will live on.... Fortunately for us, Captain Blood lost a hand in Gold Creek during a fight! Retrieving it would fulfill the requirements!

Of course, you'll locate the hand in the lake, and go to Miranda. Miranda is a ghost town, and is the longest dungeon yet, estimated at two hours time. Despite its essentially, it is NOT the final instance of Cool Ranch!

Throughout the dungeon, you'll find yourself in a number of battles and doing a number of favors to collect Captain Blood's hand of five cards. Once you have all five, you use his hand to play them on the table against Death.

Unfortunately for Captain Blood, his two pair (aces and eights) loses to Death's flush! Then, things get interesting when Captain Blood himself makes an appearance.

I had expected him to escape to a final hiding place, but the final battle began now.

Everyone in the town was in attendance - Deputy Landon, Sabatini, Bartender Jake, the Card Dealer, Death, Father Ryan, Mr. Hockley, and a number of other townsfolk. Even Captain Blood's skeletal army watched. Blood himself, along with several of his minions, began the battle.

I started out with a spell increasing the strength of my companions by 50% for 10 turns. I'd ended up with Kobe Yojimbo, my Bull Samoorai, Nadya, a Mustang Gypsy, and Old Scratch, an Undead Bokor.

Blood's minions stayed together in the back, and my companions moved to fight them. Old Scratch attacked multiple opponents from afar with his Witchdoctor powers. Captain Blood stepped forward, and we went head to head.

Upon the elimination of the minions, Blood wasn't in good standing. Two of my companions on the front line were near death, however. Fortunately, Nadya knows a healing spell, which kept everyone alive for the moment. With a final blow, Captain Blood met his match.

Death, of course, was grateful, and reminded me to tidy things up - he couldn't stand a mess!

All that was left was to collect Blood's treasure and piece of the map, right? ... Right? You see, what I didn't know is that there was a far more important battle right around the corner...

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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