A Chat With Antonio Lotusblood (Part 1)

Antonio Lotusblood, if you don't know him, is a Wizard101 UK player who owns the now official fansite Wizard101 World! I decided that I wanted to know more about Antonio and his experience with KingsIsle games and the community. Awhile back, I saw Duelist101 do something that was pretty neat - they had more of a "chat" than a formal interview! I liked that idea, so I'm doing something in between, in case you were wondering. Additionally, I wanted to have quite a bit of a chat, so this interview has been divided into multiple parts! Give a warm welcome to Antonio Lotusblood!

In this portion of the interview, we'll talk about Antonio's introduction to Wizard101 and the beginning of his blogging career. (Swordroll) -- (Antonio)

So, Antonio, would you like to start with an introduction and tell us a little bit about yourself?

Ok, I am Ernnis, a high school student in Bosnia, in Konjic. I am 15 years old (but I like to prefer say "and a half" - it's sounds like I am a bit older, but never mind, to carry on). I was born in Stuttgart 1997, and lived there for years, but a private reason showed up so I had to move with my mum back to my dad, here in Bosnia.

From little steps I was always a little "devil" how the grandma's would say here. I was waaay too much hyperactive for my age, I could play soccer for hours, break things, such as windows, but never got punished. My childhood went normal, like for all of the other children. 

At the age of 13 or 14, I am not sure, a sign popped up on my Facebook, while I was playing Monster Galaxy, I think, and said "Do you want to be a Wizard" and that's how my Wizardry started.

Continuing from there, what was your impression of Wizard101 before you started playing, and after the first few quests?

My first impression of Wizard101 was "This is another child game, but why not to try it out."
After a few quest it started growing on me, and I liked it a lot, I always liked the cartoon Yu-Gi-Oh as a child, and it kinda reminded me of it, but at the other side I always loved magic, so that was like a perfect match.

What was your first wizard's school, and why did you choose it? Did you take or skip the quiz?

My first wizard's school was fire, which is my main character, and the one I use always, whether if I have to level up others or not, I am 24h online on it. I took the quiz, and it turned out the school I belong to is the school of "passion, the bright, burning flame of raw emotion sweeping over everything. Those who follow the School of Fire, known as Pyromancers, are tempestuous, quick to anger, and consumed by whatever drives them at that moment."

The schools I made after I leveled my fire character to level 60, back in 2011, I made other characters too. I am not sure if I should say which school I prefer and which not, but ice school is definitely not the school I wanna be in. Other schools are pretty cool, tho, I think ice is overpowered with resist, and I don't wanna sound like a hater, but ice school is in my opinion lame, lazy and slow school to master.

How about the Death school? Haha!

Death school is the one schools I like, but it like, scares me. As a little child I was always afraid of the things in horror movies, like zombies, ghosts, vampires(even tho I am a big fan now of them - The Vampire Diaries ), wraiths and all those death related stuff. But that was back when I was a child, yea, death school is pretty cool, I mean it's awesome they can kill an enemy and heal at the same time. They have some really useful spells like infection and doom and gloom. I have a level 15 death character, a pvp knight, and I really like him.

They are easy to master, and one of the favourite schools in the Spiral after Fire and Storm.

My first wizard was a Death wizard, and, as everyone suggests, it's a pretty easy school to solo with. Fire, I wouldn't be so sure about. Did you find the game difficult to do on your own with Fire, or did you always have a friend's help? Was there any particular part that was tedious?

I did the whole game alone, until Avalon.

Since fire is known for a low block rating, I always had to stick with my friend Destiny DreamCatcher, a balance student, to blade and heal me, we are like a brother and sister, we help each other always, she levels now with my balance character through Avalon, we always do quests together. Yeah, there was a part that was tedious, the collecting quests in Zafaria, but all in one, it was awesome.

There's no doubt that those lions are a pain! Anyway, I suppose I'll ask the classic question for bloggers - what inspired you to start blogging about Wizard101 UK, and WHEN did you start, both time-wise, and in relation to the Wizard101 storyline?

What inspired me, hmm.. I always wanted to have like a website to write about me, not Wizard101, I wanted to write about my life and so, like a diary, but I never had the strength too, I though someone would laugh me out, or something so I didn't. Then I saw Mason became a official blogger, and I spoke a little with him, just to get informed about it, how it works, I didn't even plan to make one. Then one time I spoke with the ex-gm Oran Death about fansites, and he gave me the strength to make a blog.

At first I wasn't doing well, but step by step I became better, and look where I am now, I am an official fansiter, I mean can you believe it? I started blogging earlier in February/March, my blog was created on the 22nd February, but it went live sometime in March. 

I like to sound like a wise wizard, it gave me the opinion I am immature, even though I am not, I am only 15 (and a half) and I am happy with it, I have a whole life in front of me.

-- To be continued --

Don't forget to check out Antonio's blog, Wizard101 World! As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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    Warm welcome to Antonio given! If you're reading this, Antonio, didn't I play in P101 with you?


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