My Hopes For Pirate101 and Choosing A Class (Help Me Pick!)

Once upon a time there was a Death wizard frolicking along in his Tower of Winter Wings, when suddenly, a company called KingsIsle threw him into a completely new environment full of pirates, both allies and enemies, and all new choices that made him game completely different from anyone else's. Suddenly, he's faced with the first of many decisions: which class shall he focus on?


Pirate101 is practically here. Already, many a player has been into beta. All of those many wizards already know very well what the new world of Pirate101 is like, at least in it's early areas and stages. That being said - I have not been accepted into beta, and have certainly not been fed any information. Therefore, my assumptions here are based on what I've read and seen.

Good vs. Evil

Recently, one of my newer Wizard101 endeavors has been movies. In Pirate101, I look forward to continuing use of my graphic abilities, while doing more movies. In Pirate101, there's plenty of content to play off of - the mysteries of unseen worlds and endless skyways in the Spiral, the enemies and battle against the evil Armada. However, there's one concept I really hope that they stick with, and envelope strongly with the story. That is right vs. wrong and the personal decisions that come with that concept that makes a person who they are.

You're a pirate. You're not a small, innocent wizard by any means. You haven't necessarily agreed to set out and save the Spiral. In fact, you start the game in an Armada prison, orphaned and alone. I sure hope that the creators of Pirate101 didn't think that someone like that would be perfectly willing to run away and destroy all evil that comes their way. After all, so many of us joked that we'd have said "yes" in responses to Morganthe's asking us to join her, if we'd had the option.

The right vs. wrong concept ties in with the all new experience that Pirate101 brings, and that's what makes it so appealing. While I can't wait to continue saving the Spiral from the evil Morganthe, I'm ready to swing a sword or fire a gun! I can't wait to try out this new way of combat! Map out your moves, and see them acted out each turn!

Deciding on a Class

That very sword-swishing and gun-slinging is part of what makes the class decision so difficult for me, and that's one reason for this post. You're going to help me decide which Pirate101 class I'm interested in - both for beta (if I'm selected) and the live game.

Keep the following in mind:

  • The class that I like the most is currently determined by looks and combat style
  • I do not want to play my live class in beta; I want to keep my favorite class for live

The Options

Let's start with Witchdoctor. At first, I was sold on this class - I have to be a Witchdoctor. However, the more I thought about it, the more I realize how uninterested I actually was in this class. First, it may not be magic, but it's Hoodoo, and that's got to be pretty close. I don't want Pirate101 to be a wizard in a new environment. I've also already played a Death character, and Witchdoctor is basically a combination of Balance and Death.

Then there's Buccaneer. I could do that, but I did a combat and wielding post, and I imagine that Buccaneers are modeled after the Storm class, which I'm not a big fan of. They will also probably be the ones with large, two-handed swords, and I didn't like the way they designed those in Wizard101. While I am more interested in function than looks, this class seems to fail in both. That being said, I haven't seen a Buccaneer, so it could be something I'm actually interested in.

After that, there's Privateer. He looks to be based, at least in part ,off of the Life school. The upsides of such a school include the fact that you have the potential to have more companions than any other class. You can also heal companions and allies in battle. Sounds like Myth as well. This could be a deadly combination if they introduce PvP in the Pirate101 spiral. Privateers learn from the Commodore, who resides in a room full of maps that beams sophistication. In real life, I like to plan things out carefully, and always know what's happening and when it's occurring. In many ways, this'd make a fitting Privateer. In addition, it might be one of the easier schools for beta to get started with Pirate101.

Next up in a Swashbuckler. Though I'm not sure I like the two identical swords at the sides, a Swashbuckler's outfit is oftentimes very appealing, and who's to say they won't end up with one, more powerful sword? I like the idea of a Swashbuckler's combat play style, too. Not only that, but this is definitely one of the true pirate classes, which is definitely a plus.

Finally, there's musketeer. The outfits look good, the combat style is one of the most fun, and I absolutely love this style! I do know that I like an accurate style, and muskets are not the most accurate (more modern gunsr propel the bullet in such a way that it spins. Firing a musket vs. the guns after it was like throwing a football with and without a spiral. In fact, musketeers who used these guns fired rather randomly, with a goal of landing a number of shots into the enemy line, and not necessarily hitting something specific), but they do sound interesting. We actually use Sparkshooters in Pirate101, firing lightning rather than bullets.


You now know what I'm most looking forward to, and my thoughts on the various classes. So, what do you think? Here's your opportunity to help me decide? Which fits my personality?

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Well, reading your post in depth, it sounds as if you alredy know what you would like to choose. That said the Muskateer sounds like what you would like like to play LIVE. But as far as the beta character I am thinking the Privateer because fo the funtionality and learning the ways around Pirate101 before going live.

    I too was convinced on being a Witchdoctor, btu am I currently rethinking it. I have every wizard and I reasons for liking them all individually. But as for choosing a Pirate, I think trial and error will be in order.

    Good luck with the choice. I hope to see you in beta, still waiting for my chance at a key. Have a great day.

  2. Well Swordroll, if you get a Beta Key like me, TRY EVERY SCHOOL! If you do for a couple of levels you could easily find out which school is best suited for you. I would love to share with you the ins and outs of every school but because of NDA I can’t :\. But before I was in beta I was set on Buccaneer and later decided to be a Witchdoctor (Which may or may not be my school O__O GAH NDA!).
    As we know from non-beta, Privateers heal and have some attacks, kinda like Life Wizards. But on the other hand Bucaneers attack hard like Storm Wizards! Although I do not like to cross paths with P101 and W101 I would advise you to play a couple of levels of Buccaneer and Privateer and figure out which you like better. The other schools seem weak to me from what I have read up on.
    But if you really want to be a Witchdoctor, then I say, go for it. It seems ;) like the Witchdoctor class is fun to play! Hope this helpe~Keep It Dead

  3. Jason, after reading your post and the comments that followed, I must agree with Justin. Why not spend a few levels with every school so you can get a feel for them. You can see the pro's and con's of what you like and then select which you love the most and use that for your class! I might do that if I get into beta so I can see what Pirate101 has to offer but from prior knowledge.

    I know I will be a Buccaneer on the live realm because I have wanted to be one ever since the Pirate101 concept was released to the public. I just am very fascinated by the skills and descriptions it offers and I love the outfit style and the teacher looks uber cool xD

    In conclusion, I would suggest trying them all out and in the end going with what you love the most.

    Hope this helps!

    P.S. I sent you the interview questions so feel free to answer them and send them back when you get the chance. Thanks!

  4. Nice coments you had above but I'll be shorter.
    1. If there is something like test in the beggining (like in W101), though I doubt, make it and don't care what it've shown. This is your proper class, even when you don't like it!
    2. Don't be yourself! I can give you example with me...In life I am calm, love drawing and fantasizing. In W101 I am Fire, liking be OP'd and cut off every annoying head. It fits me better then suit (LOL what I'm talking about). Best experience in the new experience! Don't make the game (as) your life!

  5. I think you should take the what type of pirate are you quiz.

  6. Is there actually going to be a quiz?
    Anyway, from what you described you sound very much like me. I like all classes except buccaneer, because I like the idea of traps, healing (and having the most companions), the swashbuckler's style and magic. What I'm mainly torn between privateer and witchdoctor. I'll try both for a few levels, but will probably end up as privateer unless I absolutely love the magic, and hope that there is some kind of training point system and use magic and ranged etc. attacks, while still getting the benefit of healing and maximum companions. What do you think?

  7. I've seen a few game plays on youtube and the witch docter class is nothing like you think. I'm pretty sure it's the only class that can actully summon temporary minions. It is in a way like a Death wiz but different at the same time. I myself am becoming a WD but simultaniously trying all the classes. I hope you take this into consideration.

  8. Just started playing the live game... I've leveled four of the five classes to 5 now - the only class I have not tried is buccaneer. Because everyone has experience with Wiz101, they relate to the school system and styles of the casters, but I'm finding that the game is truer to earlier MMO class fits, like World of Warcraft.

    The buccaneer will be your Warrior (tank) class... lots of health and armor and meant to stand in the midst of the enemies. Though I haven't played one yet, I often see other players do exactly this.

    The privateer is a bit like a priest class. However, likening it to a mix of life, balance, and myth schools also is appropriate. The privateer uses shields, does a moderate physical attack, has a few offensive spells along with heals... this class has everything.

    The witch doctor is the mage or wizard type class. Their magic is more offensive minded, and they use ranged magic staves instead of swords or guns. This was the first character I made.

    The swashbuckler is akin to a thief or rogue in play style. They even have a sneak attack ability and hide in shadows. I'm going to guess they do the most hand-to-hand damage (though using finesse instead of strength).

    The musketeer uses guns and traps. This class is the least like any other class in wizard 101, very much like hunters and rangers in other mmo games. However, they don't rely on pets like in those games. This class I am very nearly to level 9 in. It's probably because I love the flag I made for this character. As well, this is the one I've spent the most time leveling my nautical skills in.

    My take is, they're all fun. I will probably make a buccaneer soon enough :P

    Leveling is slower in this game than wizard 101 so far. The mini games are harder to get to a decent threshold to get benefit, but if you do, you get greater loot from them.

    For you, Swordroll, I'd go with Privateer.


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