Catching Up With W101/P101 Concepts and In-Game Photos

It looks like it's been a slower couple of weeks here in the KingsIsle community with some exciting updates just around the corner! Let's take a look at these concepts and in-game photos from a new perspective.

Starting with the oldest, here's some ship-to-ship combat with a Monquistan enemy. Notice that the other ship has a PvP-style symbol over the top. This indicates that not all ships will be enemies in the skyways. It looks to be off of Skull Island. Feel free to click to enlarge these photos, and take a look at some of the quest goals!

If you're a Water Mole, this looks like the type of person you might be answering to. Shown in two different styles, this potential NPC/Enemy is one mountain of a mole!

This concept of the Emperor of MooShu isn't completely original. In fact, it's one of the earlier Wizard101 concepts. However, it's been repackaged on a new background and posted on J. Todd Coleman's Facebook page, so I thought I'd share it.

The past two weeks, Mr. Coleman has been dishing out the dragon concepts like crazy! Here's a beautiful Pendragon concept.

This next one is slightly more interesting. J. Todd Coleman was asked why there weren't more side worlds for mid-level players to run through. He answered with something like the fact that high-level players would fly right through it and be looking for more content, but offered that it was a valid question. He then asked his followers what sort of content they'd prefer - mid-level world additions, high-level storyline continuation, or side activities such as pets and gardening. With the question he posted this photo.

This next in-game Pirate101 photo shows a scene inside the Temple of Gloom (Haha!).

Here's another in-game photo where Subodai appears to be getting a critical on a Cutthroat in combat!

Here's another Temple of Gloom image with Subodai attacking a Cutthroat.

If you weren't familiar enough with combat, here's Bonnie Anne with her Sparkshooter attacking a Cutthroat!

Here's a photo of the White Dragon fought after the Pendragon in the final dungeon of Avalon - the Keep of Ganelon! This concept is stunning!

Here's J. Todd Coleman in his Rat Skull Helmet, wondering in Monquista!

Here's a photo of a Pirate Ship sailing in a Sailing Station. The health suggests that this is somewhere between Monquista and the third Pirate101 world.

Here's another photo of a ship in front of Skull Island... I wonder how far off into the distance we can sail.

Here we go with the dragons again - this one is the Jabberwock!

These are crab concepts, each with varying styles and accessories.

Also look at this beautiful ship combat concept.

Also, look who's going to be joining us in Pirate101! It's Prospector Zeke!

And beyond that, J. Todd Coleman's released a number of other Pirate101 photos!

Even then, they don't stop there! In fact, in the process of catching up, they've release MooShu concepts, and puppet shows! Take a look!

We are truly being bombarded with pictures! Now where are those beta keys?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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