The All-Around Update

Believe it or not, there are other things going on in the Spiral besides Pirate101 beta! In fact, quite a bit of news is running around! Where Wizard101 US is concerned, Josef Hall is talking about future game expansions and Grub Guardian. In Wizard101 UK, Happy Hour is returning to the Spiral, and the Fire School Celebration starts soon. In Pirate101, beta has been updated, and new concepts and photos of ship-to-ship combat have been released!

First up is a Forbes article in which Pirate101 co-creator Josef Hall talks about game expansions and Grub Guardian.

Hall begins the article by telling about his gathering of information from KingsIsle's first game.

"We gained an enormous amount of knowledge – and a very reliable technology base – from the launch of Wizard101, ..."

With Wizard101's help, Pirate101 beta was and is bound to be a huge success.

He continues on to say that Pirate101 has many stories to tell - from the Spiral and beyond. We already know (and have seen) that there will be hints of Wizard101 in Pirate101. Even some of the same worlds. Already, we've traveled a bit in Dragonspyre, and experienced the world of MooShu.

Read the full article HERE.

In the UK, things are heating up with the Fire School Celebration just around the corner! In fact, it's tomorrow at 18:00 BST or 6:00 PM CST. Here are the details! 

We will be having a Fire School Celebration event in game on Thursday August 23rd starting at 18:00 BST / 19:00 CST. Meet with us at the Wizard City Ravenwood Fire Tower on Ambrose realm for Wizard Support staff to invite you in to the party. We will have a promotion mount surprise for everyone, and be running games of Zeke's Scavenger Hunt and TAG in multiple houses so be sure to bring all your friends for an eruption of fun.

For games of TAG you will care to follow the RED Porters, for games of Zeke's Scavenger Hunt scramble, follow the WHITE Porters and to find the PvP games, follow the PURPLE Porters. Teleporting friends in will remain open during the event.

Keep your eyes open for broadcasts during the event for special prizes. 
Dalia Falmea
Ravenwood Professor of Fire

Unfortunately, I'll be unable to make the event - I have other arrangements. Hope you can make it, however, and that you enjoy yourself! Even if you can't, check out new Fire-themed gear, houses, and items in the Crown Shop for a limited time only!

Needing some crowns to help fund those new items? Happy Hour is returning to the Spiral in the UK!

Hello dear Wizards,

We are holding a Crowns Event Happy Hour this Saturday August 25th 2012 from 16h00 till 20h00!

Profit from an enchanting 20% extra when you purchase Crowns!

A great excuse to go shop until you drop! And gobble up some of the exciting new items in our Crowns Shop For the Fire Celebration or explore all that Avalon has to offer on membership. Not to mention the exciting new Packs, Mounts and Houses just around the corner waiting to appear in the Crowns Shops.

This offer also applies to Paysafecards.

Mr. Lincoln

Get 'em while you can!

Finally, Pirate101 beta has been updated!

Beta has some brand-new changes that I can't wait to share with you, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow - just be sure to expect special, in-game photos! It's quite a sight!

I can tell you this: a new leveling NPC is one of the highlights!

Level one players will now find Boochbeard by the life fountain in Avery’s Courtyard with an available quest to advance them in game content. Completing Boochbeard’s quest will automatically level your character to 15th with all appropriate trained class-specific spells, gear, companions, ships, etc. and teleport your character to the Frontier Docks in Cool Ranch. This is a temporary addition to Beta to help encourage players to test higher level content. Thanks for your assistance!

Before I go, however, I would like to share some cool concepts with you! There's one up top as well.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. SO, I got the leveling quest from Booch on a new Ruthless Destiny Rackham, but the Frontier Docks didn't load...and (ouch, this feels embarrassing) I need directions. Shoot me an e-mail?


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