A Spiral Door To the Stone Age

If you play Wizard101 UK and are needed some extra crowns, try out Gameforge's latest app! The app features a prehistoric, Stone Age theme in which you can complete adventures to loot special units and level up, fight other players, buy creatures and people to assist in your fights, and become a wealthy caveman. If you get to level 8 in this limited amount of time, you'll win a coupon for any Gameforge game. Only one coupon per account, though! In Wizard101, the coupon is good for 1250 crowns - that means free crowns for you and blog prizes for me!

Here's the official announcement:

Wizards, discover a new world with your smartphone or tablet and get 1,250 Crowns as a reward! Pretty cool, isn't it? 

Just install the free "Stone Age Game" app on your device. 

If you manage to get onto Stone Age level 8 by midday tomorrow (14:00), you will get a coupon worth 3 euros (=1,250 Crowns).  

To redeem your code, please login the website, click on the green "Buy Crowns" icon underneath the download button on the left. A pop up will appear with several payment options. Press the "Redeem coupon" option, enter the code there, and press check code!

You can get links or a QR code to download the app at  http://board.wizard101.co.uk/board3-wizard101-announcements/board9-forum-announcements/3546-spiral-door-to-the-stone-age/!

Here's a quick look at gameplay.

You will start at level 1 with 10 Amber, 100 health, 5 rage, etc. When you level up, you get distribution points that will increase these items. In the top left is your level. In the middle on the left is your Amber. You purchase Amber with real money - it's like Crowns in Wizard101. Below that is your Teeth, and that's like gold. To the top right is your rage - it cost one rage point per attack. Below that is courage. You use courage to do adventures. After that is your health. When you attack or are attacked, you may lose health.

Adventures cost courage, and must be completed 3-4 times to get the full 100% with an additional reward. Each time you complete the quest, you get the items listed. Some quests, er, adventures require that you own certain units.

Your clan starts out at one person. Each person can use three improvements - one Tribe, one Creature, and one Equipment. They will automatically use the strongest three. There's no point in having more than one of each if you have only one person in your clan. When you go to the Warpath tab, you use rage points to attack others. Each time you level up, be sure to buy the best available units, because you can be attacked at any time. When you attack, you will either win or lose. It will tell you how much damage you dealt, and how much damage they dealt. You can also earn experience and teeth. You cannot attack or be attacked if your health is too low.

Finally, there's the improvements page. You can buy (acquire) or sell units you own. You buy these with teeth, and unlock more as you level up.

There are all sorts of other little interesting tidbits in the app, such as the Shaman's healing. 

Over time, all of your attributes will restore, so don't worry about using them conservatively. IF you spend your ten Amber on a courage restoration at level 7, then you can make level 8 without having to wait at all. Just complete the adventures that you can, and everything will be restored when you level up. If you're close and out of courage, attack other people for more experience until you level up. At level seven, you'll reach a point where you're out of rage and courage. At this point, you either wait or use your ten amber to complete level 8 all in one sitting.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Do you have to be in the UK to get the app?

    1. The crowns are only available for Wizard101 UK, but you can get the code or the app anywhere.

  2. can i get this on a blackberry

    1. I'm not sure what devices it runs on, I downloaded my app for iPhone.

  3. how do you get the code?

    1. As of now, you can no longer receive a code, but you previously got a notification on the game.

      Follow this blog, though, and you'll have a chance to win crowns soon! :)


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