Pirate101 Highlight: Early Stages of Cool Ranch

If you're hungry, this is definitely NOT the world for you! Introducing Cool Ranch, the fourth world of Pirate101, full of ghosts, bison, chickens, and all sorts of western decorations! With one of the most beautiful Stormgates yet (complementary colors blue and orange), this world is sure to be a favorite - and it's big, too! With at least four known skyways, there's no shortage of awesome, Cool Ranch content!

Upon your arrival in Cool Ranch, you'll find yourself in Cooper's Roost Skyway.

The world has a strong western theme - from cowboy hats to bison companions to old-time towns!

The enemies here started out extremely difficult - thank goodness they changed them to be simpler. Many have very interesting critical attacks - take a look!

There are some interesting fights in Cool Ranch - including this one, inside a tent. The benches and fire make perfect obstacles for long-range attacks!

The skyways of Cool Ranch are some of the most beautiful in the Spiral. With skyways flying through infinite canyons, and the setting sun in the background, it makes for a perfect shot!

With low-level Raft, Skiff, or Frigate ships, you might find ship-to-ship combat a bit difficult here. It's much easier (though more time consuming) to board the ship when possible. Chances are, it'll chase you until the enemies board your ship if you don't, anyway. Here's a fantastic battle scene on a ship - complete with fire, smoke, guns, and swords - all the signs of a good time, right?

Just remember, eat before your journey to Cool Ranch. You'll find enemies with names like Monterrey Jack in places like Hidden Valley Ranch - it would go perfect with this chicken, would it not?

To finish off, here's a preview of what's coming soon - a look at the other beautiful skyways in Cool Ranch and other worlds!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! What do you want to see from Pirate101?


  1. I can't wait for more Armada encounters! In W101, I would keep seeing Malistaire/Morganthe at/near the ends of worlds, and (having caught Boochitis from auto-leveling) I might have missed a few in Skull Island for the Armada. The clockwork soldiers scare the living daylight out of me (not that it's a bad thing) and I want to know even more about them!

    1. Not to worry! There's a particularly tedious dungeon involving several Armada battles, including a badge that I'm quite fond of.

      Not only that, but Catbeard gives a three-part Puppet Show on the Polarian Wars, so you'll learn more there. :)


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