Pirate101 Pick-A-Post!

As it turns out, there are so many impressive moments in Pirate101 that it has proven difficult to choose a single topic to post about. Consequently, you will be decided what topic you're interested in hearing about. While the losing topics may return in later posts, you can be sure that the those you're most interested are first on the list.

Here are your choices:

Iron vs. Electricity: A Battle Never Won?
In an epic battle in a huge metal man against a raging Stormzilla and its offspring, pirate and adventurer Jack Teach takes on the toughest Pirate101 battle yet. However, is this one just too hard to master?

The Five Celestial Ministers
A puppet show centered story involving a Dragon King, underwater city, and a variety of other tasks to recover five artifacts in MooShu.

MooShu: A Sight to be Seen
When uncovering the most beautiful world yet, Jack Teach explores the early areas and Stormgates of MooShu.

General Tso, Rooke, and a Chicken
In an instance longer than Miranda, Jack Teach battles his way into the house of Tso. Learn about how Jack defaces his walls, crashes his wedding, invades his house, and threatens his chicken... but isn't in time to stop Armada officer Rooke from taking a critical map piece!

Companions: A Wizard's Best Friend
An interesting post on companions, and how your quiz choices and class affects the ones you receive - will there be any way to keep all of these guys straight?

Lizards in the Sky
A look at and guide to ship-to-ship combat and nautical experience.

Like Clockwork
In an epic conclusion to Cool Ranch, Jack Teach faces off with Deacon in a battle of barrels, cannons, talents, and strategy.

When It's Dark Outside
Cool Ranch is more than just western lore and happy-go-lucky days. In fact, if ghost ships, Bone Snakes, abandoned mines, and haunted skyways aren't your thing, it isn't the place for you at all.

The Seven Lawmen
Learn about the seven legendary lawmen of Cool Ranch. Hear stories of their return and ability to aid you in battle - you'll even get a sneak peek at which one(s) will join your crew permanently!

Napolenguin's Rescue
A snobby penguin leader is rescued from a heavily guarded prison by none other than you - or Jack Teach, in this case.

Catbeard and His Cave
See one of the greatest Pirate101 characters of all time - Catbeard. Also get a good look at his impressive hideaway and interesting bit of the storyline!

Stormgate Stargazing
Get a different view of Stormgates with unique pictures of various world locations, insights on the organization of the Spiral, and a look at the structure of a Stormgate.

Comment and let me know which one you're most interested in! Continue to comment each day, as I'll check these comments daily for an idea of what you'd like posted the following day.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I'm torn between Stormgate Stargazing and General Tso, Rooke, and a Chicken. (Thanks, now I'm hungry!)

  2. Iron vs. Energy: A Battle Never Won?

    Probably most interested in this once because I'm not quite there yet...however look forward to reading them all :)

  3. Iron vs. Electricity: A Battle Never Won?

  4. Iron vs. Electricity A battle never won

  5. Mooshu a sight to be seen, or stormgate stargazing

  6. I want to see Companions: A Pirates Best Friend (there is a typo, you said Wizard, unless you meant it that way.)

  7. The Seven Lawmen, Celestial Ministers, or a wizards best friend

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