Extensive Look at the Phoenix Hoard Pack

You may have heard of the new Phoenix Hoard Pack, or even seen photos, but have you taken a really good look? Have you seen photos of the gear, pet, mount, and two new spells? How about an animation showing how the fire flows along the wings of the Phoenix? All that and more, right here!

The Phoenix Hoard Pack (notably NOT Phoenix's Hoard Packs) features a brand-new, two-person mount - the Phoenix! This big old fiery beast is quite a sight! I'd seen photos, but it wasn't until I won one in my four pack that I realized how impressive the Phoenix was!

Consequently, I began searching left and right for more information on this incredible pack! You see, I bought only four packs, and received five pets, five pieces of NEW gear, and a Phoenix Mount - you can be sure that I'll be buying more in the future - just look at the rewards!

As I said, the Phoenix really has to be seen in motion for the full effect. It sits while still and flies when moving. It can carry two people. Since I can't bring you all to my house to show you this mount, I made a quick animation of its impressive movements an decorative features.

Click for Animation

When flying, the Phoenix wings actually do the wave in the back!

After glaring at my Phoenix for some time, I was interested in another highlight of the pack - the gear. While my Phoenix Bundle theory wasn't quite correct, they did make it into a pack! The gear not only looks great, but has some decent stats, as well. Plus, it introduces us to two new spells - the Frost Dragon and Storm Dragon!

I'd been fortunate enough to come across the Storm Dragon spell from the gear, but needed the Frost Dragon.

Luckily, Kelsey Fireheart had snagged no less than two Phoenix mounts, plus a variety of gear, including the Frost Dragon piece. We headed over to her personal arena, along with Anthony Deathbane, only to be joined by countless other community members, most of whom were "twizards" or friends otherwise.

Anyway, after a few 30-minute supposed demonstration matches, we finally managed to cast each at least once, and grab a few photos. Check out these Storm Dragon photos!

Here's another view of the spell, with the card and name.

The Frost Dragon is equally exciting. Check out his photo!

And, of course, the card and name.

They're pretty fun spells! If, however, you're more into gear stats, here's a look at just a few of the pieces of gear, and some statistics. First off, check out Kelsey Fireheart in a full set of gear!

While I don't have all of the gear pieces, I have at least two from each set, as well as the three wands. The gear shown is all level 80 and up. I wonder - will level 10s get the same Dragon cards? Will they have other new spells? You can click on this photo to enlarge it.

Those are some crazy wands! As if the awesome mount and impressive gear weren't enough, there's a new Gargoyle pet! Check this out!

This 59 pedigree beauty is really a unique pet, based on no existing model in-game. Its maxes are as follows: Strength - 180, Intellect - 220, Agility - 225, Will - 225, Power - 215.

The Gargoyle occasionally uses its foot to scratch its ear. While relatively small, this special companion is sure to please. The pet has two Epic talents - one existing, called Berserker, which gives the pet the opportunity to cast Berserk. It's new talent is called No Pain, No Gain. It gives one Dark Pact card (300 damage and a 35% blade).  The pet also has a variety of other ultra-rare talents, and gives an Empower Card.

KingsIsle definitely hit a home run here! With these great pack odds, why wouldn't you try a few? Besides that, they've given you a fantastic grand-prize mount, plus some awesome gear. Even where it's lacking in stats, it has new cards and a great look. There's also that Gargoyle pet, along with the rare Amber reagent, and new pet snacks and plants!

Have you given this pack a try? Any luck? Hoping to try it in the future? Let me know! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

Credits: Thanks to Kelsey Fireheart for allowing me to photograph several of her items, including gear, pets, and spells. Thanks to W101 Central's ShadowWyvern for a Gargoyle statistic picture.


  1. Hmmm...Have you though of this Garoyle pet. Is it a hint KI like to give about the future . Darkmoore? I think they couldnt help it and showed us some of the new world's chracters...:)

    1. That's true - the Gargoyle could be a hint. It wouldn't be the first time they release content alluding to an upcoming world. I'd be surprised if the next Wizard101 world was Darkmoor, though.

      They did say that this was their first Dragonspyre inspired game pack. So this might just be a unique twist off of the creatures there.

  2. Do I get credit for riding backseat on the mount? LOL!

  3. Good though I mean the Crabling was the hint to Celestia and same with the Sun Palace to Zafaria.

  4. what other packs do you think are good?


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