New UK Website Design, Death School Celebration, and More!

At times, you might have gotten used to visiting the same old Wizard101 website over and over. For the US and UK players, it was double the trouble, because we frequently see the US site, which looks identical. That's no longer a problem. Wizard101 UK has spiced up their website with a complete makeover that looks fantastic! More pictures and details in a moment! But first, what happens once in a blue moon, involves prizes, and is my kind of party?

The Death School Celebration, of course! My original wizard character was Death, and I still use him to this day. Check out this contest announcement:

Hello there Wizards, 

The nights keep getting longer and the cool air of Fall wraps me up like an old coat. This being one of the few times of year you might see me out gathering reagents for potions and elixirs away from the Nightside Death classrooms. 

So to prepare for Samhain we will be conjuring up some spooktacular events through out the month of October. To begin, we are holding a design contest for the forum boards with a theme fitting our Death School and elements to Hallow E'en for our new banner. 

Entries and details for the contest can be found HERE. Entries will be accepted through Saturday October 6th and the winning banner will receive some fitting card packs. 

Keep your eyes here as more events will be unearthed throughout the month 

Death School Instructor

Stay tuned for more details! Can't wait! Now... how about this new design?

Featuring outstanding new mouseover effects, scrolling photos and captions, and social media plugins, this unique and appealing design is sure to please!

Most of the options along the top bar come with an interesting drop-down menu with sub-pages to take a look at. Each page has the location, from the main page, listed below the navigation. You can log in from any page on the website, and the log in area will display your crowns balance and club membership days remaining.

Personally, I'm a big fan of these multi-column footers! Nice work! This truly is an awesome design. But don't take my word for it! Head on over to to begin browsing the new website!

As a side note, be sure to check out the Fansites page. You'll find us there, and, as the website administrators get things worked out and cleaned up, you'll begin to see your new fansites added as well! 

By the way, if you're a Wizard101 UK player, you should note that Pirate101 will be available to you as well as the US. Keep an eye out for Pirate101 posts and the game's release!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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