New Worlds in Pirate101 (2 of 4): Aquila

So, we've established that, in Pirate101, Polaris is not only a possible world, but a likely one. But, that leaves us with several other possibilities. What about Aquila? There are references about the world left and right in-game. King Ferdinand VI names himself the "Overlord Protector of Marleybone and Aquila." But is Aquila a real possibility as a new Pirate101 world? Well, this Stormgate labelled "Aquila" ought to answer that question quickly.

If you weren't aware, I'll start out by saying that Blaze Shadowhorn, over at Tales of the Spiral, is posting based on his theme: Pirate101 Worlds Week. Oddly enough, I happened to be posting my unknown worlds at the same time. Consequently, we've decided to do Pirate101 Worlds Week together, so be sure to keep up-to-date with his blog for several world posts. He's already covered Valencia and Cool Ranch! Me, however, I prefer the "stuff" that doesn't exist yet.

As I was saying before, Aquila isn't something to shake a stick at. In fact, take a look at this screenshot of the Stormgate to Aquila.

A monument in Valencia tells us more about this mysterious world.

The Eagles of Aquila were once the rulers of a vast empire. Their navigators and explorers opened the paths between the realms of the Spiral. In the fullness of time, Valencia and other realms of the Spiral threw off Aquilan rule. Old Aquila is now a shadow of its former self. Valencia is the heir of Aquila's greatness: we have taken Aquilan philosophy and culture to new heights, and soon we shall build a new Empire.

Aquila commonly refers to an Eagle constellation with that very name. This world is, without a doubt, one of eagles. Aquilans must have, at one point, had some form of rule over every other realm in the Spiral, including Valencia, so perhaps they could assist us in some way.

Remember this concept that J. Todd Coleman shared? He says that it's a power. Could it be that the Eagles are very spiritual people, using magic to summon birds to their aid? Keep in mind that this release was a bit after the announcement of Pirate101. It is among a variety of other Pirate101 concepts.

There are also a variety of in-game items made based on Aquila. That'd be a lot of work for something that wouldn't be used again. And remember, there's already a Stormgate! Take a look at the items.

You can see the flag of Aquila - a bird of some sort, maybe an eagle. To the right, you can catch an alligator head. For some reason, it seems like that might go with the exhibit to the left - Aquila. On the opposite side of the room is a MooShu painting of some sort - going with the exhibit to the left. Coincidence? 

Here's a closer look. There's a pillar of some sort, a vase, a statue, a candle, and part of a decorative bench to the right. There's also a cage with some eggs in a nest.

Take a look at this other picture to the right - it's a bust, and and Aquilan one at that. Look at the style and the beak - looks very similar to the first one, right? Get a good look - click to enlarge the photos. You know, this Aquilan bust, along with the other items, make me think that Aquila is like a Krokotopian style world. With the same sort of items, including vases and statues, why wouldn't it be? No matter what type of world it is, I'd say that the Stormgate confirms its existence. The only question left is what you think. So, what do you think? What type of world is Aquila? Have you caught any other interesting glimpses? Is this a world you see yourself enjoying, or one that might come in second next to other well-known names like Darkmoor and Polaris?

That's it for now! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Seeing that picture puts a twist on Darkmoor and Polaris, what if one or both of there stormgates will be in Aquila.I seen footage of a Marleybone stormgate so I would put Aquila and Marleybone in first, Darkmoor and Polaris second for now.

    1. Yes, I'll be curious to see how we're introduced to Darkmoor and Polaris. I just don't feel like they would have made the little symbols for the Stormgates or done the concepts that they have if they weren't making them.

      The next question, however, is whether or not they'll be introduced as part of the Armada/El Dorado story arc, or the next.

  2. Those three blue birds are actually the Privateer group heals.

    But yes, I would also conclude that Aquila would show up eventually. From the pillar in Valencia, I'm getting an Ancient Greek and Roman relationship between Aquilla and Valencia.

    1. Is that so? I've seen a few of the Privateer Heals, I must have simply missed the connection.

    2. Wow! You learn new things every day :)

  3. I would say that Aquila is more likely to be based off of Ancient Greece/Current Greece after it's decline. The clothing kinda gives it away since they are usually seen wearing togas and such. Plus wouldn't a place like Aquila hold a long, lost treasure for a Pirate or the Clockworks? I sometimes wonder what got KI to use Aquila for the world name and Eagles for the Greek inspiration/representation. It's seems so off for Greek, but they make the game, and I just play and enjoy. :)

  4. To be perfectly honest, I think Aquila might be based on Rome.
    That statue is very reminiscent of 'Lady-pouring-water-from-vase' statues that are mostly put with Roman style.

    Plus, Valencia is based on Greece,Venice, Italy in general,(Armada names are in Latin) so Valencia could be based on Greece

    Now unless my memory is worse then I thought, didn't the Greeks best the Romans? Or am I mixing that up?

    1. I think you have a couple of things mixed up. Valencia is based off of Italy during it's rennisance age, mostly around Venice, Florence, and maybe one other one. Valencia has little relation to Greece.

      By history, it was the Italians who took the concepts of Greece and improved on them.

      The Romans bested the Greeks since the Greeks ended up tearing its self apart.

      Greece is a whole other country itself. It is not located in Italy. The Greeks had a much older style of living. The Romans pretty much copied what the Greeks did but they were more unified and had some of the best military systems in history. But again Valencia is based off of the Italian Rennissance meets robots taking over (I-Robot anyone? lol) and has little do to with the Romans.

  5. I highly think Darkmoor is next, but Marleybone would be my second choice because of the stormgate to it in Mooshu.

  6. I want the worlds to appear in this order:
    1. Polaris (Because it would be intreseting to see more of it than just the cartoon in Catbeard's puppet show(s))
    2. Aquila (Because it's a new concept, not very well referenced and it is a good idea)
    3. Marleybone (A returning world with it's own stormgate already, and with the British theme and Britain being a great sea fairing nation, it could work well)
    4. Darkmoor (I love this idea, but it is very, how to put it... out there, compared to the others. I know this is the spiral, but let's not go for something massivley wiered right now. I'm still recovering from Avernus (Dragonspyre))

  7. you were kindof right on your perditcion achully it was both marleybone and aquila came out so what will be the worlds after those two


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