New Wizard101 Expanded Decorating Elixir and Other Updates

Ah, the glint of sun on that shiny new Winter Winds Tower. Even before I originally received my tower, I'd begun planning decorations. However, there was one thing in my way - item limits! I needed just a little bit more space outside the house to fill it up with items. As of the opening of the Test Realm, this is no longer a problem.

You see, the Test Realm introduces that all-new Bric-A-Brac Elixir.

This clever elixir allows you to expand your housing item limit by 50. This immediately expands the area in which you are standing, so be sure that if you want the interior of a house expanded, you're standing inside. Take a look at this photo - originally, in my Sun Palace, there is a limit of 250 items.

After that, you go into the Crown Shop, and purchase the elixir. You'll then get a message like this that gives specifics on the space increase.

Unfortunately, however, you'll never be able to put 1000 items in a house! The limit is 300, as shown below after the elixir purchase.

You can have up to 300 items inside and out of any house - even your dorm! I expanded mine to 300 just for fun - though I don't know how I'd ever fit 300 items in there!

The elixir costs 2500 crowns - that's 10 cents per item slot added to your house. That turns out to be $10 for a single house with limits of 250/250 to get to 300/300. 

That's just a bit expensive in my opinion, but I do have some suggestions. I'd say that 2500 crowns could expand either an interior or exterior to its full potential - 300 items. That way, most houses at 250 would offer the same income as they do now, but you'd balance that by having houses with only 50 gain the ability to go directly to 300.

If that doesn't sound appealing, I'd lower the cost to about 1000 crowns. You could still grab up to ten dollars for the full expansion of a single housing zone.

You should note that this does not expand the pet/mount or the gardening limit. I have a recommendation here, though. Because most major mouses have a 250/250 limit, the elixir usually increases the limit by 20% of the original amount. So, increase the pet/mount and gardening limit by that much. If I'm not mistaken, the pet/mount limit is 50, so make it 60. Make the maximum 60, however.

Also included this time around are several behind-the-scenes updates. The Friendfinder is now back as well. Wizard101 notes that you should specifically test the gifting system - be generous! Gift friends and even strangers during this testing period. In addition, they've corrected a variety of problems.

What do you think - of the new elixir and limits? Any ideas? Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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