The All-Around Update!

It's been a busy week, and there are some interesting posts coming up, but I'm back now with your latest news, and things certainly haven't been quiet - there are sales and specials in Wizard101 US, maintenance and payment changes in the UK, and party planning and game updates in Pirate101! Lets take a look.

In Wizard101 US, sales are on and off - keep your eyes out for those crown deals! Currently, Wizard101 is looking for wizards to submit their own postcards to the website, and they may even be featured in the Ravenwood News! You can submit your own postcard at!

Wizard101 UK is making some changes - Wizard101 Club (membership) will no longer be available through the purchase of crowns. Instead, you will purchase the club directly with euros. Wizard101 UK Community Manager Amensalok tells us more:

So, first of all we will for now withdraw the option to buy Membership for Crowns.
Since this will be removed, Wizards will no longer be able to pay by SMS or Phone for Membership. You will still be able to use these methods to buy Crowns for areas and items.

Secondly, the special offers that we had during the entire last year will cease to exist. This applies only for the special offers of buying Membership for Crowns that you can see on the website when clicking on "My Wizard Club". 

Also, currently, using Crowns, you have the option to purchase Wizard Club for: 

- 1 month
- 6 months
- 12 months 

After this change is made you will be able to choose between: 

- 1 month
- 3months
- 6months 

when using Credit Card or Paypal, and 

- 1 month
- 4months
- 9 months 

when using a paysafe card, Ukash or a Fastcard (available at Sainsbury's or GAME stores). 

Paysafe Cards, Ukash and Fastcards of course remain in GBP as they currently are.

As a side note, there will be UK server maintenance on September 26th beginning at 6:00 AM. You can learn more about Meowiarty's Minions Have Talent competition and this downtime HERE.

Lastly, Pirate101 has updated their game, with over 4000 changes, and beta has been wiped, so it's time to dig into the story again! Highlighted changes include new Crown Shop companions, new critical attacks, and ambient sounds. See a highlights list at

Water moles - attack!

Stay tuned, you won't want to miss this week on Swordroll's Blog! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


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    1. Well, goodness, I did swap that around, didn't I? For the record, I did know the spelling. Typo.


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