New Worlds in Pirate101 (1 of 4): Polaris

One of the most widely discussed topics is the future of Pirate101. Not necessarily system developments, crown shop items, or even companions promotions, but new worlds and content. Now, with both Wizard101 and Pirate101, there's always going to be the question for new worlds - Wizard, Pirate, or both? Let's talk about some of the confirmed world extensions and additions in Pirate101, as well as other possibilities.

I want to specifically discuss the four mentioned in the title, despite the fact that other worlds such as Darkmoor, are not only possible, but probable.

Let's start with the world we are least certain will exist in Pirate101 - Polaris. You've probably learned the story at this point. Napoleguin was just an average bird, but, through the Polarian wars, was able to work his way up to become the head of the entire army! He led his troops to defeat all of their major allies. Everything went well, until Marleybone turned against them, and the clockwork armada was formed. They took this seemingly rogue general down, and they were praised for it. However, the Armada kept growing, and growing, and growing.

With no end to their creation, the Armada is on the loose, invading adjoining worlds, and expanding their power throughout the Spiral - though none of them are human!

I can tell you now that we aren't going to Polaris NEXT in Pirate101, but it may come in the future. The storyline in MooShu concludes with incoming news from our "friend... the one with the bird." This alludes to Napoleguin, who is currently with Gortez. If you didn't catch the Catbeard storyline, we broke Napoleguin out of jail.

Captain Avery was kind enough to display four major powers' world items in his personal room. One of those is Polaris. Polaris is actually a constellation, it is the North Star, it guides and leads. It is a signal of hope for anyone lost in the night.

The picture shown above gives us a good look at the Polarian flag. It has four points, much like those of a compass. Its blue color is very true to the world theme - it is a place of castles, prisons, and forts. There are statues and buildings with rounded cone tops. It is a world of ice, penguins, polar bears, and pickled herring.

Valencia tells us more about Polaris:

Frozen Polaris gave rise to a mighty Empire, ruled by the Walrus Tsars and defended by Ice Bears. Old Polaris was an ally of Valencia. The Penguin Revolution cast down the old order, and the new, reborn Polaris launched a war against all civilized nations. Led by Napoleguin, greatest general the Spiral has ever seen, Polaris nearly conquered the entire Spiral. Valencian courage finally prevailed.

Polaris is spoken of in Pirate101 quite a lot - they've even got Napoleguin already created - should Polaris not be a Pirate101 world? Plus, take a look at this photo - it's Polaris, as described by Catbeard, compared with a world floating in a Stormgate to Cool Ranch. Click to enlarge it. Take a good look - that iconic red building (seen above in a painting) with the little island sticking out to the left. Those clear, icy ledges. It must be Polaris.

Is Polaris coming to Pirate101? When? Why? What do you think? Check out those castles! And how about Napoleguin and the Polarian items and flag. Not to mention the world itself. Is this evidence enough?

Let me know! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!



  2. Enough evidence, and thank gosh you didn't do Darkmoor (if that is the name) then this place would be filled with people with evidence when there is a picture of some world art, the name being mentioned on the website and it floating around when you travel worlds.

  3. Polaris is going to be a Pirate101 world i am pretty sure because the armada isnt in wizard101. So I guess Mirage is coming to wiz

  4. Polaris will probaly come in the future, but everyone knows that Marleybone will be the next pirate101 world!

  5. we know the Polaris and Marleybone both have a Stormgate in Pollywogger Skyway

    1. that dosent egzist

    2. no marlybone is in hammistu skyway in mooshu

    3. unkown skway never heard of. There are only five skyways in skull island, skullisland skyway, flotlsam skyway tradewinds skyway, and port regal skyway.

    4. the stormgate to polaris is somswhere in aqulia

    5. and the storm gate to marleybone is in valencia and mooshu

  6. dude its coming in march! yay!


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