Wizard101 "Sails" Forward

With Pirate101 information and photos floating about, Wizard101 has made little attempt to overtake the newsstand. Instead, they've carefully planned smaller news before potentially large updates. In fact, between the new Jaguar Mount, Postcard Contest, membership savings, and the Evil Sandman's leaving the Crown Shop, there's a bit of information you might want to know about what's coming next in Wizard101!

First, they've released a Postcard contest on Facebook - you simply answer a few questions and write a postcard. You can enter your postcard from September the 10th to the 30th. After that, Judging commences until the 5th of October. After that, phase three begins, and the public gets to vote on their favorites until October 15th. On November 1st, the winners will be announced!

One grand prize winner will receive a code for 16500 crowns. Five second prize winners will receive a code for 10000 crowns. Ten third prize winners receive a code for 6500 crowns! There are plenty of opportunities to win, so start writing! You can enter the contest at http://apps.facebook.com/contestshq/contests/285098! Best of luck!

Second, Wizard101 has introduced the new Jaguar Mount! While previous mounts might have been out of your budget, this interesting 40% speed booster is available for only 6500 crowns! The 7-day Jaguar can also be purchased for 2000 crowns! Check out the crown Shop now!

Right now, for a limited time only, you can become a member of Wizard101 for 25% off of the original price - that's just $60 per year! Membership benefits include unlimited access to all areas of the Spiral, faster timers, free PvP and Derby matches, and much more!  Subscribe now at https://www.wizard101.com/game/membership!

Lastly, the Sandman is leaving the Crown Shop! Hurry up and grab this unique pet before it disappears at midnight (Central time) on September 12th! This is your last chance this year!

While this may seem like a number of new news bits, there haven't been any major updates lately, and that can only mean one thing - they're close around the corner! The Friendly Necromancer tweeted that the voice of Moolinda Wu was in the office today. Since this professor is not seen in MooShu in Pirate101, it can only mean she's doing work for Wizard101. Furthermore, since she's one of the professors, that can only mean a new quest!

Now think for a moment - what was it that we all thought was missing from the last update? Level 78 spells - that's what! Perhaps the next update involves brand-new school spells! Or, maybe they decided that ten pips was just too many to save. Either way, what's the professor up to at this point in time? You tell me!

As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Could mean anything, it could relate to Darkmoor and Moolinda telling you some stuff that happened to her(and maybe her family) in Darkmoor.

  2. Idk about Moolinda having to do with anything really. To be quite honest I have a 8 by 11 given to me by Tom of Morganthe that's signed so it might just be for a convention. It might seem weird for a life teacher to explain Darkmoor too. If Darkmoor is next I think it will be Cyrus who explains because of his brother but it might also be Dworgen.

  3. If we know that Moolinda is life what are the possibilities that there is a new LIFE worldu? Or MAYBE its an addition to Mooshu...after all, any of you in the Beta know that Mooshu is MASSIVE. Not mention the little back story we get about what was going on BEFORE the Emperor got sick (which is how we meet him in Wizard101, i.e. the Jade Oni). But who knows...I could be wrong ;)

    1. Yep, at first I was worried at the fact that MooShu was used in Pirate, but they did a pretty good job. I've got a few critiques, however. Those, though, are part of my complete Pirate101 review, which is yet to come!

      As for Moolinda, it could very well be a life-themed world. I'm still thinking new spell, though.

  4. New spell would be cool. But new world would be better lol


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