Iron vs. Electricity: A Turn-by-Turn Guide to Pirate101's Stormzilla

Originally, I planned on doing just a feature on what is likely the most difficult Pirate101 battle - Stupendor-X vs. the Stormzilla. It's really quite the showdown. Many, including myself, attempted this a number of times and continued to die. I'll be doing a little feature on the battle, but then, instead of showing you all of the ways that I died, I'll be giving you a turn-by-turn guide to the one way that I won!

In a quest to collect five Turtle Balls to summon the giant turtle of MooShu (Maruzame Castle sits on its back), you must return a dragon's Jade Egg to him to get the first ball. This egg is situated in a temple blocked by a Stormzilla in a nearby valley. Your pirate, being the chosen one, is tasked with running the iron giant, Stupendor-X, to defeat the Stormzilla.

The battleboard is the city. In the lower left, you see the houses on the cliffs where you start. It also follows the general pattern of the road layout. All houses are obstacles, and the field is lined with eggs. You can smash houses. It's pretty funny to see "Jack Teach critically hits House for 500 damage."

Before you know it, you're fighting a huge Stormzilla, lighting a town on fire, crushing houses, and dealing with countless zilla-babies! Here's the thing about this fight - in the armor, you have none of your usual talents, only the statistics from your clothing. You can only do about 120 damage maximum, with the occasional 273 critical hit. The Stormzilla has about 2200 health. Whenever you hit from within one space, he gets Vengeance Strike, and does 100+ damage. Furthermore, he gets his regular hit. 

If he misses, he has Second Chance. His hits can critical for 200-300 damage. To make matters worse, a number of babies with 371 health or so will all hatch and begin attacking you. They, too, have Second Chance, and can critical for 100 damage. With your and the Stormzilla's health starting about equal, you logically have no chance of winning to begin with. Try out the battle. You'll likely lose over and over, like many others.

Fortunately, I have a guide for you. In time, I'll be adding this to the Guides page, along with others, but for now, you can simply refer to this post.

Ok, here's your guide! With this, defeating him should be relatively simple. Click to enlarge any image.

Turn One: Ignore your fancy powers, let's get going! It's important to follow this pattern, because the eggs hatch in a specific order. First, attack the only egg within reach - eggs have 10 health as opposed to 371 baby Stormzillas after hatching that can also damage you. They'll also foil your plan to create traps, so we're going to destroy the eggs.

Turn Two: Pretty straightforward - move toward the next set of eggs. It's best if you follow the steps exactly here.

Turn Three: Continue on to the next egg, and attack is from the square diagonal to it, as shown in the picture. This will come in handy next turn.

Turn Four: It should be noted here that while I call this optional, I've never tried it another way, and I've never failed the battle using this method. Therefore, I recommend it. Assuming you attacked the egg last turn from the correct position, you should be in the perfect spot to use your Eye Rays to get two eggs and the Stormzilla. Anywhere in your line of fire that's not a house or enemy will literally become a line of fire.

Turn Five: As you can see here, you receive gold from destroying houses. Continue toward the next egg. The fire you pass through should not damage you - it is unknown whether or not this is a glitch.

Turn Six: Easy turn here. Simply destroy the next egg.

Turn Seven: Continue on to the next egg. You cannot use your Swipe power here for both eggs, as you cannot travel quite far enough.

Turn Eight: Destroy the last egg in the corner shown in the image.

Turn Nine: Move toward the final set of eggs. You can feel free to attack a house, as long as you end up on the same space as the one shown in the image.

Turn Ten: Attack the first egg. Do not attack is from the square next to the Stormzilla. Try to stay as far away as possible.

Turn Eleven: Here's where things get tricky. You're eye-to-eye with the Stormzilla, here, so try to avoid it. Its position may change based on your presence, but the objective is the same - destroy the eggs before they hatch. Use your Swipe Power here to destroy two of the eggs. You cannot get all three in one go - they're outside your 3x3 limit.

Turn Twelve: Attacking the Stormzilla with a special power does not trigger Vengeance Strike. I'd advise using your other Swipe power to destroy the final egg and attack the Stormzilla. If you're hit here, it'll be only minor damage.

Turn Thirteen: This is where the turn-based portion of the guide will get blurry. The battle is now less set in stone. Put as much space between you and the Stormzilla as possible. Some people have suggested using the Chest Bump power to slow the Stormzilla. I do not recommend this, as you must be close enough to the Stormzilla to do it that it isn't worth the risk. Furthermore, it does no damage, and wastes a turn.

Turn [?]: After putting space between you and the Stormzilla, it's time to put your plan of attack in place. Remember Eye Rays? You need to use those to create as many fires as possible. When using it, look for a row, column, or diagonal line with the least possible objects. Houses will be destroyed, and can be walked over, but not stopped on. Fires are not created on houses, so avoid hitting them as much as possible. Here's an example of a good spot choice.

Turn [?]: A few tips - try to avoid putting fires against the edge of the field or in corners. The Stormzilla is less likely to step on these. The space where he stands is a good row choice, because you hit him, as well as creating a lot of fires. Make sure you're as far right as possible for maximum fires. The two spaces behind me you see in the photos are not actually there, they only show up while clicking on the special attack.

The object here is to avoid hitting the Stormzilla up close, or you'll trigger Vengeance Strike. Instead, lure him around the board with the fires. Get him to walk in as many as possible. Each will damage him for 76 health.

Turn [?]: You have one ability that allows you to attack the Stormzilla from anywhere on the board. Use this for additional damage from a distance. You may find that you have to get relatively close to the Stormzilla to get him to move. Don't get too close. You want to have at least triple his health by the time you actually engage him if possible. Sometimes you'll just have to click the "Done" button over and over (and over) until he finally moves.

Turn [?]: After you've exhaustive your efforts to burn him, and/or reached over three times his health, you're probably ready to engage him directly. Be aware that he will do as close to your damage every turn - in addition to another hit. He may even get 200 or 300 critical hits. Continue to attack him until he dies.

Congratulations! You won!

So, what are you thinking of this battle now? Looking forward to it or dreading it? Have you tried the strategy? Did it work? Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. How is the stormzilla staying still in your tutorial? It's moving around and getting in the way for me and I can't hit him during turn #4. Is this something they changed after beta?

  2. Swordroll, can you update your guide? Your strategy isnt working for me.

  3. well now it is different stormzilla had about 2,900 health and i spawn with about 1,700...

  4. Same here. Stormzilla is moving.

  5. This will still work, you just need to adjust for it a bit. If he comes close, use a Chest Beam and continue destroying the eggs.

    One thing I would change - don't use your eye beams to destroy eggs, use them on the second and third rows on the board, and lure the Stormzilla there.


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