Saturday, August 25, 2012

Darkmoor: Wizards, Pirates, or Both? (Pt 1)

Darkmoor is mentioned a number of times in multiple areas, namely around the Pirate101 website. However, it's widely questioned as a possibility of being Morganthe's home world, and her final hiding place in the world of Wizard101. The reality of the matter is that, despite the fact that it hasn't been released in any game yet, it is very likely coming to either Wizard101 (and subsequently Wizard101 UK) or Pirate101. Or maybe it's both.

On a side note, that first picture was a nice edit, but please excuse the poor graphics from here on out. I'm trying to convey an idea.

Darkmoor has been discussed in Pirate101 as Witchdoctor trainer Madame Vadima's home world, as well as that of Bat Masterson, a vampire bat residing in Santa Pollo. Bat Masterson is described as "having his heart in the right place," despite the fact that he's from Darkmoor. Furthermore, the world is named as having a Marleybone colony in it - and there just happens to be an unused stormgate in Port Regal, a Skull Island Marleybone hotspot.

However, many have discussed this as being Morganthe's home world - and who wouldn't? Morganthe has a death teleport symbol, and take a good look at her clothing. Darkmoor's name itself evokes a sort of Halloween, scary mood.

Even if this world isn't her final hiding place, think of the prophecy. The mirror is broken. While not directly put into context with the prophecy, the game did specifically point out our blowing of a horn multiple times in Avalon. Is Darkmoor the next, dark world that fulfills the line "from the shadows I strike" and continues the storyline?

The photo with the opening paragraph is one that J. Todd Coleman posted on Facebook with the following:

"@jacob rousu asked me early today: why don't we add mid-level worlds to the game?

It's a great question, because we struggle with this one! We've tried some 'mid-level' worlds in the past (like grizzleheim and wisteria) so that the new content isn't always reserved for only our highest level players. The challenge is that our high level players have run out of content, and we don't want them to get bored (whereas mid level players still have numerous options!) So when we add a mid-level worlds, the GMs play it anyway, but they blow through these areas so fast that it barely seems worth the effort! It takes our team MONTHS to create a new area -- and a high level wizard can finish a mid-level area in a day or two... and go right back to wanting more content! 

What do you guys think? more high-level zones? flesh out the middle of the game? or should we spend out efforts on improving (or adding new) 'side activities', like Pets, PvP, Gardening, Crafting and Housing?"

Is he hinting that this is a concept for a high-level zone?

It wouldn't be the first time KingsIsle has completely given something away before it's been released and without our knowledge. In fact, they showed us two of the Pirate101 worlds far before its mention. Strangely enough, I did an entire post on it, building on the theorycrafting of Nicholas Lionrider.

In a commercial, you can see Skull Island and MooShu in the Spiral.

In Pirate101, travelling through stormgates is very beneficial to us - we get a preview of more than just the world we're headed to. In fact, we see a variety of other world. I think you know where I'm going with this - you can see Darkmoor! It's the same "house on the hill" seen in the concept. I've included a photo later in the post.

And take a look at this one in comparison with a Puppet Show of Polaris - look similar? I recommend clicking to enlarge this picture.

Think about it here - this could mean that it's just a future Pirate101 world. After all, look at the concept. It has the same, fluffy clouds that overlap the land, and a variety of islands. It's also showing up in Pirate101.

Think again, though. The stormgates in Pirate101 show Wizard101 worlds that may never appear in Pirate101. Besides, why would we visit Morganthe's home world - a place heavy with magic - in Pirate101?

But don't be convinced at that! Polaris is shown in the stormgates, and that's an important place mentioned in Wizard101 far before Pirate101 - in fact, I believe that the Winter Winds tower uses a Polaris-style environment, just as the Sun Palace used a Zafaria-style environment just before the release of that world. At the same time, we rescue Napolenguin from For Elena in Port Regal, so Polaris must be a very important part of Pirate101. The Polarian wars were a big thing, no? It could be both!

Here's that photo of Darkmoor - matches the concept pretty well, hmm? Click to enlarge the photo.

What's your take - wizards, pirates, or both? Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Another big thing though is about a Purto Mico mission where the governer's assistant thinks you are the queen of Darkmoor which is one of the sea monsters from Celestia, Crab Alley and other various worlds. I believe Darkmoor is the next Wizard world (maybe by this year or few months since everyone is thinking they are just working on Pirate101) and Marleybone and Polaris will be the next few Pirate101 worlds.

    1. Yes, I do remember that reference! Darkmoor seems to be a pool of odd, death-based characters.

  2. Wizard101 for the rest of the prophecy, you missed a part though.IT says after the sentence you mentioned "and the skies will fall" of something like that.

    1. Yep! I think that'll be Empyrea - a sky world with sky squids! I'm thinking that we won't actually defeat Morganthe until Empyrea.

    2. ive been to polaris and marleybones already in the game but i dont under stand why they would add darkmoor to pirate 101 considering it's not in wizard101 yet because almost everything from wizard101 is in pirate101 but darkmoor could finaly be a place where you can get witch doctors from since it has a halloween theme and theres really know where else to get good witchdoctors at. :l

  3. Funny thing though. Can we just assume Morganthe is from Darkmoor since she is a death wizard? I mean think about it. Malistaire and Cyrus were both brought up in Wizard City and Morganthe hasn't stayed in one single spot. "O I lived in Avalon, was queen of Zafaria for a while, me and Ambrose used to study in Celestia" I mean geez lol

    1. plush befor and if they do add polaris they would add krototopia and grizzlhiem since they were a choice of your birth place

  4. I think it would be great if we share knowlege between wizards and pirates! Think of how many new spells woulde we the wizards use and how many creatures us the pirates will slice if we can get one on other. Pitty shame MS is showed in some other area. The Spiral is big but not bigger enough to fence wizards from pirates!

  5. I don't believe Darkmoor will be apart of Wizard101. Seems like a Pirate101 place. One thing is Wizard101 worlds are typically one big island world (with exception of Krokotopia and Grizzlehiem). This picture shows it more like multiple islands in a skyway which is more like Pirate101 worlds. While yes it is easy to say that from Wizard101 there would be a world based off the prophecy piece "From the shadows I strike,..." but I think that means from your blind spot, from where you can't see me, I strike a heavy blow. I think of Wizard101 worlds Yago or Mirage would next. Personally I hope for Mirage but we'll see what KI comes out with.

    1. That's very true!

      And now that I think about "from the shadows I strike" in that new perspective, a place like Mirage would be perfect.

  6. its more pirate 101


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