Proposed Idea For KingsIsle Bloggers: Post Week!

To all of you who blog about Wizard101, Wizard101 UK, or Pirate101, an idea recently crossed my mind - something that I'll be doing, and was wondering if more would be interested in.

Here are the basics:
"Post Week"

What is Post Week? Post Week is one, seven-day week (Sunday-Saturday) in which a blog posts one post about the topic they blog about every day. If the blogger wants to challenge themselves, they might try two per day.

How is that possible? You immediate question was probably, "How does anyone have time for that?" Clearly you won't be able to write one or two posts every day for an entire week. A few days, maybe, but that'd be hard - especially when you only write about ONE game. You'll have to pre-write most of your posts. For example, you might write Sunday-Thursday's two posts in the weeks before post week, and wait to release them. Then you could write Friday and Saturday's during the week, when you already have posts ready to go. If you're on Blogger, you can even use Scheduled posting to set up the entire week in advance for you.

Why be a part of post week? Obviously, for one game, there isn't news every day. That means that bloggers will be forced to add a whole new layer of creativity to their blog (if they haven't already) by posting things such as Tips and Tricks, or small guides, etc. It will show that, as a blogger, you can plan in advance, and carry out that plan.

Will there be any special parts of post week? If anyone else is really interested, I think there definitely could be. We could have a dedicated contest day (e.g. Tournament Tuesday). I was also thinking that it'd be an awesome opportunity for lesser-known bloggers to get noticed - we could do an inter-blog contest with something like puzzle pieces scattered across each site.

How do we express interest? I think that the best way would be a comment here. That way, other bloggers can say, "Hey, so-and-so's interested, I think I'll try it, too".

I've got a concern or idea regarding Post Week! Leave a comment and let me know, and I'll see what I can do!

So, when is post week, and why? Post Week is the Sunday-Saturday of the week containing the release date of the game, so it is an annual event. So this year's Wizard101 (different from UK's) Post Week would be September 2-8, as the official release date is September 2, 2008. The Pirate101 Post Week this year will take place the Sunday-Saturday after the official beta release date, and will later be changed to the week of public release.

Interested? Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Love this idea! I'll participate! Hmm...Flash-Mob Friday? Post-Trade Thursday (for the schedulers)? Can't wait to see how this plays out!
    Proud Supporter,

  2. Now that I re-think, I had a concern about the date.
    During Post Week, many young Wizards (and to-be Pirates) begin school, and may be tied down with beginning-of-year assignments. Hmm..

  3. @The Traveler
    Scheduled posting to the rescue! :D

    I may participate in pirate101 post week(s), is it the week it comes out, week after, a year after, or what? I'm kind of confused.

  4. @The Traveler - There's always scheduled posting, and writing posts in advance is part of the idea. The difficulty shows the dedication of bloggers!

    @Evan Shadow - Pirate101 Post Week THIS YEAR will be the Sunday-Saturday following the release of Beta. I don't suspect the game will be fully released to the public until next year. At the time of it's release, the new week for posting will be set.

    1. Nice point, but I was more worried about any events during the week. You know, homework before blogwork.

  5. I really like the idea! Might give it a try, eventually. :)

  6. Wizards Unite is definitely In :D Great idea!


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