Twenty Must-See Wizard101 Video Screenshots

We all know that Wizard101 puts out some pretty impressive videos. However, they've outdone themselves lately with the release of two trailers featuring two wizards battling Malistaire in a final showdown that no Grandmaster wizard has forgotten! Here's some fantastic screenshots of key moments in the video... twenty, in fact, putting us even closer to our 200 "top ten" list items.

The first video is shown above. Here's the most recent, second one!

Now check out these awesome screenshots with captions!

A Dragonspyre dueling arena

A Storm wizard fires a Myth spell at Malistaire

Malistaire carelessly redirects the spell

Malistaire draws a Storm symbol

Malistaire fires a Storm spell

The spell is met by the wizard's Storm Shield

The Storm Shield is broken

Iconic photo of a Fire Wizard choosing the Fire Dragon spell

A Fire Dragon emerges from a small spark

The Dragon catches fire and prepares to attack

Malistaire looks up, raising an eyebrow at this unfortunate turn of events

A 3-D style Wizard101 logo is shown

The duel continues when a Fire wizard casts an Ice spell

Malistaire stops the Ice spell

Malistaire casts a Fire spell

The Fire spell breaks a Fire Shield

The Storm wizard chooses a Storm Lord spell

Malistaire, in the rain

The Storm Lord appears

The Storm Lord grabs a lightning bolt and prepares to attack

I hope KingsIsle will continue this amazing storyline of trailers!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Actually the boy is myth. He clearly uses a treasure card unlike the girl who casts a normal card.

  2. Woah amazing post Jason! I love how you narrated the photos. It made it so much more detailed xD

    Keep up the great work!

  3. The boy is Myth and the girl is Ice! They have school only gear.

  4. well both boy and girl are using treasure cards and i dont get how cold anyone amagen that boy is storm and girl is fire

  5. The Boy is Myth, his attire's colors and symbols says it all, plus he's got a myth wand, uses a Storm lord TC, and casts a myth spell. While the Girl is both Ice and Fire, the reason why was to at least showcase how a tc card would look and how the spells for elemental would look in general.

  6. alexander schwarzkrieger stufe 25 magisterJune 19, 2013 at 12:12 PM

    cool posts


  7. The boy is actually a Myth wizard. Also, I hope that KingsIsle makes three trailers featuring Morganthe where two wizards cast Forest Lord, Skeletal Dragon, and Medusa.

    And then for a third commercial they could have a Wizard summon the Sabertooth or Chimera against a GH, WS, or AQ boss.

  8. The second girl is ice because she wears blue and has the ice symbol

  9. The second girl is actually ice. As for the boy, im pretty sure he's storm.


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