Your Life Depends on These

Don't worry too much... we're talking in-game here! However, these are the new way of essentially saving your place in the game. They're what you'll return to on death - a structure found is many locations, allowing you to choose your re-spawn point. In fact, dying may become the new teleport...

I'm talking about Life Fountains, of course. No more returning to the Commons for safety. Instead, when you die, you'll return to the last Life Fountain you visited, which means that these small stone decorations are a huge part of the game... and the first of our top ten posts!

1. First, let's start out with the facts! 

"When you’re defeated in combat, you’ll be returned to the last Life Fountain you visited..."

Now don't worry, I've got no less than seven photos of Life Fountains for you to see, so you can get an idea of where some are located. 

Despite the fact that I can only assume here, I'd say that you can "visit" a Life Fountain in any area with one probably by pressing "x" or something similar. With so many, you'll be able to choose one closest to a good healing spot, or maybe one that's nearest to the area you're questing in. And, if you ever need a quick teleport, you can simply die.

2. Here's something else - 

"When you’re defeated in combat, you’ll be returned to the last Life Fountain you visited – unless you’re currently in a Crew with other players. However, if any crewmates are still alive, you’ll all stay where you are."

I'd think that this means we can continue to control companions even after being defeated ourselves, much unlike Wizard101, where your minions "die" with you.

I'm curious to see how combat with friends would work. Can you combine the forces of two pirates to fight a single battle? Since they aren't technically part of your crew, will you return to your fountain if you and your companions, but not friends, die? What happens if you all die?

3. At least one of those questions is answered here.

"If all of your crewmates have been defeated as well, you’ll all return to your own Life Fountains."

Talk about a break-up! Hopefully, your crew has coordinated in advance where everyone's Life Fountains are, or at least made friends with each other for easy contact.

4. I think, by now, you're ready for some pictures. This first one is a Monquistan Life Fountain... which might have had some slight editing done on it.

Pretty, aren't they? I honestly couldn't tell you exactly where this one is located.

5. In these next few, I've blurred out the rest of the image to make the Life Fountain more visible. Take a look at this one in Cool Ranch.

This looks to be the Cool Ranch equivalent of the Commons. I see two possibilities here. First, the main area is inside that gate up the hill, and this fountain's convenience is unlocked after some questing. Second, the main area is outside our view, and the Life Fountain marks the "hub" of the world.

6. Ever wanted to reappear on a huge, flying whale after dying? Your wish is Pirate101's command. In case the rats overcome you in your questing, you can save your progress at this Life Fountain before entering Jonah Town.

7. Here's another view of the fountain above. As you can see, it looks to be available upon entry of the town.

8. Behind the island of Scrimshaw lies Monquista's Skull Island influence - Puerto Mico! This bustling city is full of markets and palaces. If you look closely (at this picture and others), you'll see that this specific area is one filled with shopkeepers. In the top left, you can see the fountain, right at the edge of the town.

This looks to be one of the most interesting places in Skull Island - and now, you can save your place here, too!

9. Looking now to the Pirate101 trailer, we see that in the center of the town is a Life Fountain. This nearly confirms my suspicions that the center of each world has a fountain. It'd be just like teleporting to the Commons. Until visiting later fountains, this one is probably your default.

10. Finally, I've got something really cool for you - click on this image to see an animation of someone re-spawning at a Life Fountain (note - this is homemade, it isn't real).

Look closely at this Monquistan image... do you see my mistake?

Thanks for reading! See you in the Spiral! However, before you go, what's your opinion on Life Fountains? Where will we find them, and which one will you use?


  1. No I don't see your mistake, but there's a life fountain right outside the walls.

    I'll probably use one that respawns me by a healing area, because if I died, I would probably need healing.

  2. The fountain-like thing outside of the walls...?

    When I started reading this post, I was thinking that life fountains would be like teleporters - or at least the more convenient ones. If you were returned to the last fountain you visited, I hope that you can set preferences for fountains for at least a chance to get to a better one. I'd choose a fountain somewhere hidden but convenient - don't know why, but I went with my first thought! ^.^


  3. You didnt animate the life fountain, just some stick thing

  4. You didnt animate the life fountain, just some stick thing

  5. @reader obsessed - That's right, LOL! In my excitement, I missed the actual fountain entirely. After the work it took, I wasn't going to do it again!


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