UK School's Out Party!

In the United Kingdom, every student's favorite part of the school year has arrived - the end.

To celebrate, The Life of a Wizard, in partnership with Swordroll's Blog, Wizard101 World, and Legends of the Spiral UK are bringing you a party you won't soon forget!

When is it? The party is happening on July 19th at 5:30 PM BST.

Where do we meet? Look for "port buses" in the Fire Tower, Gamma Realm. Areas are known to fill up quickly, so don't be discouraged if you don't get in right away.

Who are the teleport buses? Look for Adrian, Katie Windweaver, Blake Legendflame, and Cody Legend for teleport buses. Please add only one, though, so that others have a chance to add one.

What will be be doing? There are a number of awesome events to check out, including a Labyrinth maze, PvP, and several contests such as Best Dressed and Hide-and-Seek!

What can we do before the party? You can start celebrating before we even begin. You've got plenty of options, too! You can help promote the party by posting on your website, or you can get involved in some of the pre-party contests such as House Decoration and Design a Minigame.

How do I RSVP? There's no requirement to come, but if you want to let us know you're coming, you can visit Mason's Blog, or confirm that you're attending on LotS's party page!

Where can I get the full contest and party details? Check out all of the information, get your questions answered, and what for updates at!

Thanks for reading, and see you there!


  1. It surprises me how many more W101UK parties there are rather than W101. Or is it just because it was [somewhat] recently released?

  2. @Evan Shadow - The Wizard101 UK community is very unique in that aspect. Its size makes it easy for Gameforge themselves to host parties, and allow large quantities of people to be involved. Although it's fairly new, there are plenty of parties. The coolest part is being able to be in contact with members of the actual staff, e.g. support, the community manager, etc. They'll even make server-wide announcements on-screen, like you see before maintenance, for some fansites' parties!


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