New UK Fansites, New Polls, and Balance School Celebration!

*Cues celebratio music?* ... Um, definitely not (here's why)! No beautiful ballet, riveting rock song, or perfect pop piece here, but we can celebrate... silently! Why? There are four brand-new Wizard101 UK Official Fansites that will bring a lot to the community. Plus, here's your chance to vote on your favorites and give feedback to all of the owners! And, if you aren't up to date on your news, Mason's School's Out Party is coming up in two days and the Balance School Celebration is around the corner!

Congratulations to the following fansites for becoming official:

All of these fansites definitely deserve their new official title! Each is also unique in it's own way! Check them out for more information!

Now the only question is... which fansite is best at what? Vote for your favorite fansite in five categories on the Wizard101 UK boards, here.

Speaking of United Kingdom news, the Balance School Celebration is upon us!

Hello Young Wizards,
It is time to find equilibrium of studies and recreation and join us for our Balance School celebration, starting next week July 24th. We will have some special events of our own, and I have shared some Balance artifacts from my own collection. Appearing for a limited time in the Crowns Shop during this celebration and then drifting away with the sands.
Keep still and be patient, and we will have more updates next week when the events begin.
Instructor of Balance

Can't wait to check it out, though I may not be able to make the actual celebration.

Before you go, I'll remind you that tomorrow is the big UK School's Out party and celebration with a cool labyrinth maze, PvP, contests, and more! Learn more here and here. See you there!

Check out the server-wide announcement!

That's it for now! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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