Top Ten Most Popular Mounts

Remember the time when the Horner Sweeper seemed like the best of the best when it came to mounts? Back when mounts themselves were about their speed bonus and not looks. Wait, when was that? Anyway, between the new hoards and charity events, Wizard101 has built up quite a collection of speed-boosting companions! Based on a survey of over 50 wizards, here's a list of the top ten most popular Wizard101 mounts!

May I first say that I'm very disappointed not to see MY favorite mount, the Swift Shark, on here. Why haven't you seen me on a Swift Shark, you ask? Well, I've never had one. They're so expensive that I'm not going to buy it myself. I'll either wait for it to go on sale, or win it as a prize!
Number 10... Swift Gryphon! Gosh, those periods really draw that out a few spaces, don't they? The Swift Gryphon (actually the original spelling of Griffin) is the first mount to come with a bundle - the Epic Bundle. This flying mount sits down when idle, and will rear back on it's hind legs. It otherwise flies gracefully. Users who say this is their favorite mount describe how they like the fact that the wings surround the wizard, and say that this mount is one of the more original ones. They also think that it's one of the more realistic mounts that looks nicer than most!

Number 9...... Bone Dragon! Back to the "firsts" theme, this clever mount was introduced with the first ever hoard pack - the Dragon's Hoard. This grand-prize mount is only available from the pack, making it all the more exclusive. Those that had it could proudly show off their prize! This mount was different than the Skeletal Dragon spell, it was said to be more realistic - if dragons were real. It was one of the largest of its time, and reared back like the Gryphon, but sent fire shooting into the air.

Number 8......... Run-Run Rickshaw! This creative little mount is based on an old(?) Chinese sort of business in which a person (usually male) would earn a living by pulling tourists and locals around the area. The tourists, not very knowledgeable about Chinese currency, would often overpay the Rickshaw runners! The mount features a one-seat cart with wheels, and a sheep pulling you wherever you wish to go. The originally of this mount, and the fact that it's fairly rare draws attention to it. If more wizards had this, they'd love it! When equipping it, you actually rotate and move from the sheep's perspective.

Number 7............ Great Hornocerous! (Really adding suspense with these periods, hmm?) Ok, there must be a trend here - first mount to come with a bundle, first mount to be introduced with a hoard, first mount to change the perspective from the wizard, and now the first two-person mount! This Great Hornocerous is just that - great! Designed by the Lead Concept Artist for KingsIsle, Dave Greco, this huge, war rhino of sorts is sure to please. It's probably one of the more commonly seen mounts in-game. Users who picked this mount as their favorite because it really set that standard for two-person mounts.

Number 6............... Dragon Wings! I didn't expect to see this one here, but a surprising amount of people love wings! While I do like wings, I'd sooner have something like a Swift Shark, or a Malorian Dragon, or a Swift Shark, or something like that. These wings are really big, actually! When flying, they could easily stretch the length of the screen. That, plus the lack of magic and sparkles of sorts, makes this number six!

Number 5.................. Panther! For a long time, this mount was exclusively available as a 15-day rental from a magazine code. KingsIsle later decided to place it in the Crown Shop as a permanent mount! One person who said that this mount was his favorite stated, "they are quick, sneaky and can get you where you want to go without a problem." Others like this mount because it's rare and they don't see many, or it looks elegant and beautiful.

Number 4..................... White Stag! I think we'll all agree that this is a beautiful mount. It may even be my second favorite, if not for one thing - the cape goes to the side! My Death character, my main character, has a cape on his outfit, and when they go the side, it just causes trouble and doesn't look good. It's a shame, too, because this is an awesome mount. Besides saying it was gorgeous, those who called it their favorite said that it fit well with Ice and icy worlds (although I love how it contrasts the black Death colors).

Number 3........................ Blood Raven! If nothing else, this blood-red raven is very majestic. Another two-person mount, the Blood Raven is a reward from the Raven's Hoard Pack! A prize even beyond the Raven mount, this high-flying helper is a must-have. Whether it's your favorite because you consider it beautiful or you just like to drag people around "like food", then Blood Raven is a near-perfect mount!

Number 2........................... Meowmodon! This awesome white tiger mount is part of a charity event that I am sorry to have missed out on! I wasn't around when they released it, but KingsIsle charged crowns and donated that money from the mount to a charity... making it all the more appealing. The rarity of this mount, and the fact that you hardly ever see them anymore is really very attractive.

Number 1.............................. Owl! That's thirty of those dots right there (count 'em)! I'm not sure if it's the fact that this owl sits when idle and flies when moving or is just plain pretty, but this mount ended up being the most popular among the groups surveyed! This beautiful bird has people calling it cute, cool, impressive, and fitting. Whatever it is about this mount, it has people interested!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. LOVE this list :D Glad to see Blood Raven so high up on the list despite how it evades me xD Regardless I think this was a really awesome idea and am NOT surprised to see my second favorite (Pegasus) on the list. Some of those mounts are just TOO expensive! But I do love how different mounts have become from where they first started ;)

  2. I liked this post very much!
    I am one of those people who love wings, I have the Dragon Wings myself, but I don't equip them very much, because it pulls me into fights.
    I am a big fan of the Meowmodon, it purely looks elegant and fast. It is a excellent combination for any kind of Wizard, no matter if you are storm, balance or any school. It fits you perfectly. Hehe. :D

  3. My favorite mount is the dragon wings because they aren't ever in your way and they look cool on any wizard :)

  4. Really I think a lot of mounts might have been on this if you asked more people. Malorian dragon deffinately, maybe not dragon wings, owl, staq or blood raven. I believe Hydra is a big one, Malorian Dragon, Swift Shark, and actually I think one if you had as an option the Leopard, which was only seen at the test realm exclusive to mount's release where it was later taken out before the official release.

  5. Hoping to have a very nice surprise for you in about a week :D (If all goes according to plan that is xD)

  6. @Paige Dreamcloud - Yep, that Blood Raven is pretty. The fact that many besides you can't get one probably makes it all the more appealing, as I said in my post. As for many Crown Shop mounts being too expensive, you're spot on!

    @Antonio L. - Thanks! I believe that mounts don't actually affect your "pull" area for battles. I'm thinking that it's still your wizard shadow. For this reason, you can stick your Bone Dragon's head through a wall; you still remain the focus. That being said, a large mount might trick you into moving further left off of the "sidewalks" to accommodate its size. Still, I have no solid proof that this is true, either.

    @Smileyface - That's one thing about the wings - they certainly don't block much of your view!

    @Nicholas LionRider - Yes, a larger voting base will always make for a more accurate representation. And while the Swift Shark (and I suppose the others mentioned) might be on the list with more people, I'm not sure they're as popular as you might think. Save the shark, they're all quite large and take up some space.


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