UK School's Out Party and Spiral Summer Athletics!

Wow! And they were definitely crazy! For the first time, we built our own maze for the party - or rather, Mason and Antonio did. With one of the biggest parties yet, we were thankful to share the crowd control experience with the new fansite owners!

Our meeting place this time was the Fire Tower. People began lining up for this party over and hour in advance.

Before long... well, actually, it was a seemingly long time before we got started... we ended up in a Dorm Room with two teleporters. All of the guests were allowed to port shortly after, and were invited to pick a portal.

The first place they went was a large MooShu style house full of twists and turns in search of the correct portal to move on. They had to be careful though, because Mason had put together a riddle - and that meant that there'd be portals taking your everywhere - from random locations and traps to the beginning of the maze!

If you made your way through that maze, you got to the Myth House, where you'd land right in the middle of people inviting you into the portal to start over. If you ignored them, and navigated the house correctly, you ended up in the Sultan's Palace.

It was a great house for the party - it was large, had a popular dueling arena, and even a Genie inside so that everyone could take home a gift-bag!

Before long, they had us hiding in the labyrinth. The UK GameMasters are always kind enough to make server announcements for the parties! Digby Dragondust is hiding in this one - that's me.

We held a variety of contests, including a Best-Dressed Contest. Check out some of my top outfit picks!

If you can't tell, this one is the green outfit and pumpkin head with the matching pet, not Mason to his right.

A few of us even lined up for a quick photo!

It was a great time, and many wizards took home some awesome prizes - check them out!

Winners and Prizes

Congratulations to Connor Spellcrafter for winning the Design A Minigame Contest. He was awarded a Leopard Pet.

Congratulations to Edward Pearhead for being the first to navigate through the labyrinth! He was awarded an Ostrich Mount.

Congratulations to Anna Daisyheart for winning the Best-Dressed Contest! She was awarded a Sea Dragon Pet.

Congratulations to Joshua for finding both Antonio Lotusblood and myself hidden in the labyrinth! He was awarded two Ninja Lore Packs!

Thanks for coming everyone, it was a blast! Keep an eye out on all of the official UK fansites for reviews! 

Before you go, there's some new information available on the Spiral Summer Athletics!

Greetings wizards from all reaches of the Spiral and beyond,
We are proud to bring you a competition for all residents of the Spiral known and unknown, competing this summer. With events being held in our very own Marleybone, where the contestants will be hosted for 17 days. With races and feats of athletic prowess to recognize the residents of the differing worlds of the Spiral and entertain the cheering onlookers we proudly bring you this tradition.
To start off and give recognition to host world Marleybone. We are taking entries for user inspired Wizard101 artwork with a theme of the Union Flag and the white red and blue.
Please make sure your entry is received by July 27th 2012 at midnight. We will award a Wyverns Horde pack and a Ninja Lore pack to our chosen winner.
We will keep you posted when the game event competitions draw closer.
Harold Argleston
Master of Ceremonies

Get all of the information here.

As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. You really know how to make things even better than they were. Amazing post, and good luck on the Athletics banner contest, if you are going to enter. :)

  2. WOW! I really enjoyed the party! cheers ;)

  3. The UK party looked awesome! I wasn't sure if those of us not from the UK could attend...but looks like I could have joined on in the fun xD I'll be looking forward to the next though ;)

  4. I'm Connor SpellCrafter...
    And that easter bunny was annoying (one next to me) He was annoying with his pie.


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