Knight's Lore Pack, Leviathan's Hoard, and New Pirate101 Image

KingsIsle's got a brand-new pack on the shelves - the Knight's Lore Pack! This pack gives you a chance at some stunning new gear with universal resists up to 15%, in addition to all new pets with impressive cards and new epic talents. There's also three new spells to learn from this pack. And that's not to mention the treasure cards, reagents, bobbleheads, weapons, and more! Plus, stick around for information on the Leviathan's Hoard, and a new Pirate101 in-game image!

Check out the pack, some of this gear, and these new pets!

We have already decided that the pets' epic talents are "may cast" versions of their cards. That's right, that means that there is now "may cast" ... Steal Ward, Entangle (Life dispel), Strangle (Death dispel), Steal Charm, and more to be discovered! The scary part is that they appear to manifest automatically at teen, but that's only a guess at this point.

On to another topic. The other day, a reader posted the following comment:

Did you know about a new booster pack, is Leviathan's Hoard Pack, which now have inside some Polymorph Elemental(Storm) and inside Celestian Clothing and Wand to Level 1-80, so they are No Trade, and No Auction items, and even they have Celestian themed furniture, which are No Trade, and No Auction too.

Of course, with no proof, it will continue to be believed as completely false, but I did do a spin off of it!

Take a close look at that! Not bad, eh? (Click to enlarge)

It would be a cool idea (I suppose), but we'll have to see to believe in this case. 

Another note on packs, with a little constructive criticism for KingsIsle - in the case of earlier packs, you offered a variety of interesting Grand Prizes, such as mounts. They were a tangible thing that wizards could show off to others. Spells, while they may seem like a Grand Prize, are not quite as intriguing. Besides that, they can be crafted, whereas the mounts were completely unique. In addition, these new packs highlight bobbleheads and such, but, unlike the original packs, have nothing besides these "Grand Prizes" that are really worth our crowns.

My advice - take a look at my favorite one of your packs - the Emperor's Attic. It has a TON of new items that kept me coming back, plus twelve (not one, super rare) new interactive items! Throw in the Tag Game, and I was sold!

I decided to make a photo board of the newest pack spells, and went ahead and put in the older ones. Every school now has one craftable spell with the exception of Fire.

Finally, before you go, check out this new Pirate101 picture!

You see mostly the same sort of thing I explained earlier, but in this one, you see a new quest goal, some of the menu chat options, a vendor, an NPC, and a new companion! Awesome!

Keep yer eyes peeled fer more! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. More hoard packs? This is seriously getting old...

  2. Loved the Knight's Lore Pack but am sad I spent my crowns on them xD lol Pirate101 looks more fun with every photo put out, guess I'm going to have to seriously start rethinking my position on playing xD

  3. Really enjoyed discovering what mysteries the packs held. But now I'm sad I spent my crowns xD Oh well, I guess that's the way things go sometimes. And hey, who knows. Maybe I'll win a contest :D

  4. Cant wait to see P101 myself! As for the packs, Leviathans pack...I think I've heard someone mention it before. Oh well ^^

  5. They need a Fire School spell that you can get with coins or in a pack in the Crowns shop.

  6. Benjamin DragonswordJuly 27, 2012 at 5:00 PM

    Hopefully They'll add a fire crafted spell. Also, did you notice that they're all rank five. Now all the schools have a nice new rank 5 spell but fire. I can so see a fire golem spell being crafted or won from a flame hoard pack. I'd like to see a bundle that comes with a spell.

  7. O: Leviathans Hoard?
    I hope they do come out with that. That would be great :D


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