Christmas in July and Majestic Bundle Card, Mount, Gear, and Wand

It's Christmas in July in Wizard101 and that means free items, returning holiday plants and decorations, and an amazing contest! Plus, I'd like to update you on the Majestic Bundle - there's new photos of the mount, card, gear, and more included!

To celebrate Christmas in July, Wizard101 is bringing back classic holiday items, including the Snowball Pet! You can also go to and redeem the code "heatwave" for a free holiday item! Be quick in your redeeming and purchasing, though, because it all ends July 15th!
Paige Moonshade is also hosting the 3rd Annual Best Little Dorm in Wizard City competition! Check it out at!

This Tower of Winter Winds is a great place to play Tag and the Scavenger Hunt! Anyway, we're going to be doing this new information in a "ten-list" style! Get ready for the second segment!

1. Here's a photo of the new mount, which I'm sure you've seen:

2. Here are all of the Tiers for the new wand, which is extremely impressive! (Remember, you can click to enlarge)

3. Here are the tiers of gear for the new bundle.

4. A bit of information for you - the new pet that comes with the bundle, the Strange Beast, is now properly working on the card. In fact, to make up for the error, everyone who already redeemed the card will now have two.

5. This is what the gear LOOKS like. Slightly different, but interesting.

6. The wand is also shown above. Honestly, when two-handed weapons were first released, I did not like them. This is the first one that is truly amazing. When you run, you point the lance forward as if charging at the enemy.

7. The gear can be dyed any color base and trim in the Dye Shop. The most notable change is the color of the cape.

8. The wand attack has no casting animation. Your character teleports to the center and spins the lance around before striking the opponent, as shown below.

9. While not listed on the card, the Majestic Bundle includes a teleport tapestry to Caliburn. Even if you have not yet unlocked the location, the tapestry will teleport you there.

10. While also not listed on the card, the Majestic Bundle includes an additional castle elixir, like the other double-sized bundles.

Oh, and one more thing, here's the card (high-quality)!

That's it for now, but keep your eyes open for more soon! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. You've outdone yourself this time. Simply amazing details!

    Mark StormRider

  2. Do you have to watermark everything? seriously dude, this is just as bad as diaryofawizard trademarking themselves

  3. @Anonymous - I tried no watermarks at all. I agree, it doesn't look good, right? Unfortunately, I had a group steal all of my photos and post them to Facebook, make videos, etc. They also placed false information with several of them, so it wasn't even stealing for the right reasons.

    Until further notice, the watermarks will remain. Don't worry, they won't be here forever, though. I'll try no watermarking again, and we'll have to see how it goes.

    On the other side of things, if something is exclusive, it will be watermarked, that's a no-brainer. Ever sites has done it on their special images (Wizard101 Central, Wizard101, Pirate101, Pirates of the Spiral, etc.). While this community is great, there are those who will steal.

  4. I was gonna get the pagoda gauntlet card but i couldnt find it so now i am getting this :D

  5. Hello,
    Love the Blog and everything its where i get all the news about wizard101. When did this card come out cause no stores around me even gamestop have it, and the target and walmart near me dont have the pagoda bundle i have emailed the support team 10 times please help.

  6. @Anonymous - They're still getting all of the bugs out of this card, and they haven't officially released it yet. Once they give the official word, you'll be more likely to find it at your local stores.

  7. now that i have read this i am going to get the pack today :)

  8. hey when we clam the items do whe we are in a low lvl does the thing lvl up as you do ex: lvl 1 clamed the items but now lvl 10 wwould they give us that new wand and armor?

  9. @Anonymous - No matter what level you are, when you redeem the gear you can choose to get it for any level. There are currently levels 0+, 10+, 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+, 70+, and 80+. You can only choose once, so choose wisely. If you choose gear you can wear now, you get to wear it right away, but it won't be as useful when you get to be a higher level. If you choose high level gear, you might not be able to use it yet, but you'll have one of the most powerful sets available for later.


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