P101 Concept and In-Game Photo Analysis

There are some amazing in-game photos that tell us a lot about Pirate101, but first, I'd like to get you up to date on the concepts that have been released lately - there are a lot! From Valencian Warriors to Giant Turtles, they're pretty interesting. I've also got a little bit of information on Pirate101 Beta for you!

Let's start with that turtle below. It's called "The Great Turtle of MooShu" and was based on an old idea that the world was held up by a giant animal of some sort. There are several versions.

Check out this next bit of a Valencian Musketeer. Notice that, of course, the gear is fancier as it upgrades, but so is the musket!

Continuing that theme is a warrior here. There are two of these type of concepts. Both appear to be Swashbucklers, so I'd assume that one is an enemy and one is a companion.

Then there's this guy, and not much information was posted with him... who knows what he's to be? He does appear to be a guinea pig merchant, which would suggest that he's from Valencia!

Now for the part you really want to see - in-game photos! This first one is definitely a female Buccaneer in the cell that you break out of at the beginning of the game... or rather, that Boochbeard and Gandry break you out of. This is the character creation screen, and, just like Wizard101, is presented after deciding on your Pirate101 class.

This photo is part of the ship tutorial as confirmed by both the name, and instructions at the top. Mr. Gandry explains that using the up arrow makes the ship go faster... so what makes it move? You can also see what looks to be your pirate's health in the bottom left. To the very left, we can make out a windpath.

*See below

Here's a closer look at some of those symbols. Please note that while there are educated guesses, they are just that - guesses.

This shows the lower left-hand corner. The classic teleporting icons are blocked out while on your ship. The anchor, which is not present in non-ship photos, probably indicates sailing, and that these are sailing statistics. There's also what appears to be a gauge for speed, and some sort of special icon seen only while sailing.

In this photo, you see the ship. You can also see the experience bar at the bottom. I believe that in Pirate101, you level in two areas with Character Experience and Nautical Experience. Character Experience is present in every picture, and appears at the bottom. Nautical Experience is also marked on your character interface with the a similar sailing type icon to the anchor. This will earn additional titles and badges, and is only seen while sailing your ship. You can also see the Quest Tracker, like in Wizard101.

These next two pictures are in Captain Avery's office.

*See below

*See below

In the top left is definitely your menu chat options. Along the top are icons that I've taken a guess at. The first is your Character Interface. The chalice represents your Treasures/Backpack. The Ship shows your Ship Interface. The Crowns icon is the Crowns Shop. The cog is Settings and Options, as always. The little bug is the Report A Bug button that you'll see in Alpha, Beta, and the Test Realm. You can make out several pieces of furniture here from Wizard101, namely some from the Emperor's Attic Pack. In the top left is the Friends icon.

Below all of that, you see the pirate character and companion. To the right, you see the compass in action. Come to think of it, that may be the skull and crossbones icon, but I guesses that it was a Commons type teleport - Skull Island in this case. There's also a clear Life Fountain, which probably teleports you to the last life fountain you were at. There's also a home icon, which takes you home (to your ship, or elsewhere?). Finally, there's an area map. You can also see your pirate's health, as well as your experience bar and Quest Tracker. 

Notice that the goal is to Defeat Troggies in Skull Mountain (0 of 4). Skull Mountain, huh? I think that Troggies will be our tutorial creature. That, or the first and most basic thing you fight on Skull Island.

This final photo is your character interface.

*See below

Here's what I see. Along the left are you tabs - Character, Backpack, Quest/Job Journal, Ship Interface, and Companions. You see the pirate's name, level, and experience. Below, you see his nautical stats - Level, Title, and Experience. To the right, you see statistics - Strength, Agility, and Will. Hopefully, you'll be able to level these as individual stats like in the hardcore games. You may also use Command Points on them. To the right is what looks to be how much they're increased based on gear.

Below are the rest of your statistics - Accuracy Bonus, Dodge, Weapon Strength, Health, Resistance, Armor, Resistance, Training Points, and Crowns. Please, note that this is NOT Friendly's character, it belongs to a person named Todd, possibly referring to J. Todd Coleman, though his character is a Witchdoctor and not a musketeer.

You're also shown weapon damage - it's a range. When you attack, it tells you how much average damage you will do to an opponent based on their armor, resistance, etc. However, you may do more or less. I would imagine that your Accuracy bonus decreases this range and/or assists in hitting more often - therefore, your hits are not entirely dodged, as you train to do with Dodge.

You have basic damage, plus the strength bonus of the weapon, and another stat, are shown on mouseover of the Weapon statistic. Also notice a few other things in the photo. This is Monquista, and the Royal Throne room is ahead, with a Life Fountain to the right.

In one of the earlier photos, you also saw a tab called "My Powers" that could be a variety of things, possible special abilities that I talked about earlier. Along the health area, you see a new icon with a x0, indicating that he has none of that ability/item left.

Finally, notice that the goal is to talk to Skinny Pete in the Kraken Skulls Tavern! Haha!

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Note: Pictures marked with the "*" symbol are used with permission from One-Eyed Jack, who posted them, in return for proper citing and credit. These pictures were posted on Pirate101 Central, here


  1. Char. interface - Looks visually the same as some Mooshu gear we've seen in W101, wonder if that's where it came from here?

    I also wonder if the flag behind him is his ship's sail design? That'd be very cool!

  2. @Sierra Starsong - It does look very similar, and I do think they carried over a lot of the items.

    I think you're right about the flag, too! :)

  3. I have a question. Is Pirate101 launched?

    1. Not yet, they're currently in the Alpha stage of testing. Later this year, certain people will participate in the closed Beta stage of testing. After that, it'll be released to the general public.


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