UK Derby/Fansite Poll Results and Mason's Upcoming Party

The United Kingdom Derby Results have been posted! After hours of "fun" sorting, the staff has released the names of the winners, and well as the results on the UK Fansite Polls! And, if you think the above office photo looks bad, take a peek at the FULL picture at!

Congratulations to the following wizards who had the most pet derby points!

kristina95 - with 890 points

Congratulations to the following wizards who had the most points in general!

alucardro - with 4030 points
Finally, congratulations to the following wizards with the most fights/races!

rafy5 - with 113 Fights/races

Winners will be getting crowns soon, just watch out for the crown-carrying ogres. Read the full winners' announcement here.

As for the UK Fansite polls, thanks to everyone who voted - no matter which site you voted for! They're very beneficial to all of the owners! Here are the results!

First Place with 50 votes: Wizard101 Central

Second Place with 32 votes: Life of a Wizard

Third Place with 24 votes: Swordroll's Blog

Fourth Place with 12 votes: Ravenwood Radio

Fifth Place with 2 votes: Petnome Project

Thanks again for voting!

In other news, Mason Swiftblade is planning a party soon! Make sure you keep up on the details on his blog and Twitter pages.

I believe that their will be several events such as a best-dressed contest, so bring a nice outfit! In addition, he's giving every a chance to do a few things beforehand, as well! You'll need to create a summer themed house and/or design a minigame! Better get to work.

Again, keep an eye out for more information on his blog!

As always, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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