Complete Majestic Bundle Description and Album

Looking for information on the latest bundle that wasn't supposed to be released yet? Looking for high-quality, widescreen pictures? Looking for a full preview of every area? You've come to the right place! Despite the fact that I've been heavy watermarking due to recent problems, I think you'll get a lot out of this album, and get a better idea of this house after you're finished reading. I've been sure to include wand pictures, and level 80 gear and wand stats.

Discovered by a wizard earlier today, the Majestic Bundle is the latest GameStop craze that probably wasn't supposed to be released yet. Despite that fact, it has fewer glitches than the Pagoda Bundle, and may well be out sooner than that bundle. Here's what our latest obsession includes:

The Majestic Bundle
*Tower of Winter Winds (house)
*Malorian 2-Person Dragon Mount (Labelled Arthurian Dragon on card)
*Silver Lance of Daybreak (wand)
*True Silver Armor
*Strange Beast Pet
*1 Month or 5000 Crowns

Let's start with the best part - the Tower. This thing is massive! It consists of several little islands and sports grass and ice alike! Small teleporters transport you around the islands and house. Here's a tour!

Your journey begins here, on the first of four islands. This is the smallest and contains only the Spiral Door and a short path leading to a new type of teleporter. This takes you to the main island - the largest of the four that also contains the castle.

Don't you just love that view of the castle from the world gate? When you first get through the teleporter, you'll be that largest island. It has a lot of free space, really.

Coming out the the teleporter, you've got options. To your right is just a combination of grass, ice, and snow that make up a roomy lower tier of this main island. This tier continues to a sharp left, where you find a teleporter. This first teleporter leads to the third island.

There's a small building here with a dueling arena. If you go outside to the left, you'll find a good hide-and-seek spot in the back against some rocks. In fact, I left my character sitting in the house while I was away from the computer and came back to find that he'd won a tag game!

To your right, however, is a small path that leads up a hill to view one of the most straightforward looks at all of the islands available.

Back on the main island, still on the lower tier, is a cliff side with a frozen waterfall and mote. Just to the left of the waterfall is some cliff where grass is slightly visible. This is a hidden passage.

You'll be led to an enclosure which is really quite spacious (good place for a maze or garden). At the end is a teleporter leading to the fourth and final island.

This island is a small, round platform in the center of a pond with a dock to one side. It is the perfect, private, peaceful area you've been pursuing. Returning to the main island, there's more to see! The upper tier holds the house, a majestic castle that seems to be themed like an Avalon one.

Behind it is more open area, including a ramp up to a semi-hidden hill which offers a nice view of the castle and surrounding areas.

Before you go inside, check out this shark stuck in the ice!

Shark-watching with Kelsey Fireheart and Diana Wildheart

If you thought the outside was impressive, take a look at the inside!

There were literally people getting lost inside. Besides that, look at this awesome decoration! The layout of the house is pretty simple though. Downstairs, you have the house entrance.

There's also two hallways to the left and right that are dead ends, but offer cool small spaces for a lounge or something similar.

While the end looks to be a wall that you can walk right through, it's not! Also downstairs is a magnificent fireplace! In the center of the room is a portal. Take it, and you'll end up in this room:

To one side, there's a door. It takes you out to the top balcony. You can walk a full 360 degrees around the tower, and see the islands below.

When you go back inside, take the portal back to the main room.

Now, the upstairs is a bit more complicated. First, in every corner, you have one of these rooms (a total of four).

They've got plenty of space, and the windows seem to allow small amounts of snow to come into the room. They're very beautiful.

Upstairs to the left and the right, you have one of these rooms. They have big windows in the center.

If you go around to one side, there's a doorway that takes you outside to the lower balcony. This one stretches only halfway around the castle, but gives a nice view of closer areas and the castle's towers. Gotta love those icicles!

And the most exciting part of the inside begins in the dining room. Lit by two fireplaces on either side, this room has a table full of goodies! The centerpiece, called the Horn of Plenty, gives you free items every day, just like the Gorilla and Genie!

Behind it is a magic mirror! You press "x" to interact, and the mirror takes you to the location shown.

Be careful, there are three locations! The first is the dueling ring island. The second is the Spiral Door island, and the third is a dungeon. Not an instance dungeon, but a dungeon dungeon.

In the last cell, there are two teleport tapestries. One to Caliburn and one to the Arena. The owner just got this today, so I don't imagine he put them there, they probably come with it.

Just look at that interior! Isn't it impressive?

If that hasn't already sold you, the bundle includes a number of other things, too! There's a Pendragon-type mount that seats two! I even got an opportunity to ride it with the owner!

Not sure about you, but I like it! Then there's the gear, which we're still a little foggy on, but here are the level 80 stats. Here's a photo of the wand, as well.

Wand - Silver Lance of Daybreak (Level 80+)
+2% Armor Piercing
+45 Block Rating
+45 Critical Rating
+1 Power Pip
Gives Six Cards - Super Rage (Life - 130 damage)

Hat - True Silver Helmet (Level 80+)
+375 Max Health
+6% Power Pip Chance
+2% Armor Piercing
+48 Critical Rating
+11% Damage
+7% Incoming Healing
Gives One Card - Colossal (+300 Damage to one spell)

Robe - True Silver Armor (Level 80+)
+510 Max Health
+5% Power Pip Chance
+18 Block Rating
+13% Damage
+10% Resistance
+6% Incoming Healing
Gives One Card - Extraordinary (+35% accuracy and +20% armor piercing to one spell)

Boots - True Silver Boots (Level 80+)
+225 Max Health
+8% Power Pip Chance
+3% Armor Piercing
+73 Block Rating
+9% Damage
+6% Outgoing Healing
Gives One Card - Leviathan (Storm - 1150 and remove two blades)

The owner said that the pet did not show up. Only an "Unknown Item" that was not able to be claimed. This is probably another accidental early release. KingsIsle's really hitting us hard with the bundles!

What do you think of the new house? Bundle? Is it a must-have? Let me know by commenting! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. I think it's a nice bundle.
    I like the 3 teleporters the most.
    I hope I will someday do the dungeon-dungeon. hehe :D

  2. Man this is awesome.. its super cooool.. its legen *wait for it*...dary. LEGENDARY :D have to buy it some day ;)

  3. I will have it. Then? I will sit on my mighty throne and rule my kingdom! Or...I'll just stand around and watch pets run back and forth. Probably the second one.

  4. What a surprise exploring this house early, and what a turnout! At first, I thought that I was in Avalon from the surroundings and my lack of questing (anywhere), until I saw the PvP ring. :P

  5. This house is amazing. So much to it.

  6. Why is there a teleport tapistre to Caliburn what about the people that aren't In Avalon yet

  7. :) its soo cool i need to have it xD :D i will personally take my parents to Gamestop and buy the bundle myself! ITS JUST THAT AWESOME!

  8. That's so cool! I have the pack and I didn't know about the fourth island until I read this! And the tapestries aren't just there, they come with the pack. But I only got the one to the Caliburn, how'd he get both?

  9. the pet is Strange Beast the flying squirrel looking pet. it is myth and is level 46 and gives a death blade

  10. @Anonymous - He must have had the other one from one of the other bundles. I'd love to collect all of the tapestries, but I'm not interested in some of the other bundles.

    @Anonymous - The strange beast is something like a squirrel, yes. :P If I'm not mistaken, however, it can come from any school. The blade spell given is different based on the pet.

  11. dude this house is dope i gotta ahve i am getting right now what sold me was the pvp ring ive always wanted one and also the gear imma use on my ice he lvl 40 i also have a death fire and life all lvl 80 ;)

  12. Thanks for this great info about the Majestic bundle!

  13. When do you think this bundle will appear in the UK? :P

    1. I'm not too familiar with UK bundles, but I don't believe many of them every do come to the United Kingdom unfortunately.

      Hopefully KingsIsle will expand their card business overseas. I imagine we'll see it once the number of UK wizards starts to really pick up.


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