Pirate101 Trailer Analysis

Stepping away from my analysis post series, I want to concentrate on the Pirate101 Trailer. It offers us a lot, but leaves wizards and soon-to-be pirates with more questions than answers. If you're looking purely for answers, you might be in the wrong place, because I'm taking a hard look at everything noteworthy.

If you didn't get the memo, a recent indecent involving the copying of all of my photos onto a Facebook page has forced me to take up temporary heavy watermarking. Ugly, isn't it?

This first photo is a view of the mainland on Skull Island. The dock to the left over there is where you saw J. Todd Coleman's ship docked on yesterday's Pirate101 post. It looks to be lakes and lush forests, with a town at its heart.

I'm planning to do a post on Pirate101 combat soon, and this begins to reinforce many of my theories. While the companion has stepped forward, and the bug-like enemy has fallen back, notice their shadows. And, can you make out the transparent cutthroat and other bug behind them? It looks as if we'll be fighting our battles in a grid system. 

Also notice that this is taking place on a MooShu ship that looks to be in the Cool Ranch skyway. This means that either our ships will be attacked, and enemies will literally jump on board, or we will attack other ships and get on ourselves... or maybe both.

Johnny posted a photo similar to this over on his blog (http://www.pirates-of-the-spiral.com/). There are several interesting bits to this photo. First, there's that classic sun icon we see in some of the Wizard101 furniture to the bottom-left. Then, behind the wagon, there's an NPC with the bag icon over his head - likely a shopkeeper.

Finally, there's a character in the front. There are several interesting things about him. For one, he's got a Bone Dragon pet. Then, look at his armor - it has bones on it! If you noticed, he is also carrying a staff rather than a gun or sword.

Here's another photo of combat with everyone in a line. Because of the Valencia symbol on the flag to the very right, we can assume that this is Valencia, and not a town on Skull Island. Also notice the small, red, floating fruit-like thing to the very left - is this a health... wisp? ...fruit?

The Pirate101 website states, "The Skyways are beautiful, but not without their own dangers! Enemy ships are around every corner that want to stop your Pirate from finishing your quest for treasure." (https://www.pirate101.com/free_game/skyways) This photo of a cannonball hitting a Pirate101 ship suggests that there will definitely be enemy ships in the Skyways - I wonder how far of a range their cannons have?

This is something I still can't figure out - look at the background, and the creatures, etc. It doesn't match any of the environments shared with us so far. That can only suggest that it's a new world, and it very well could be. 

We know that we'll be able to sail around MooShu, but we haven't seen an information page for that. Based on the damage done to these dragons, I'd guess that this is a world that comes later in our Pirate101 journey.

Here's another puzzling photos. Look carefully at the background. It just looks like a black to blue gradient. That's not much of a cave setting, so where is this located? Is it another new world? Or can we expect night and day in some areas?

Here's a picture that I just wanted to share. First, look at the bombs dropping in a perfect grid - again with the fighting. Second, this looks to be the musketeer's special attack - Rain of Mortarshells! It also looks to be a MooShu themed room.

This appears to be the Stormgate for that unidentified world.

Getting closer to the conclusion of the Trailer, we follow a path up the Volcano. That's pretty well recognizable as a pirate and companion, but look beyond that at the small, BLUE fruit-like thing. Is this for something like mana - energy?

Here's another photo of a Windlane in that odd world. There's also another blue fruit visible to the right.

Finally, in the shot right before we see "www.pirate101.com", you can see the mountainous backdrop for Skull Island, but why does that one area look so much more detailed? That's probably because we can sail around the open skyways to other islands like this!

So, what do YOU think these photos tell us? Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Ever think Dragonspyre? It has the same rocks as it, and skeletal dragons are common there.

  2. i believe the unidentified island has some similarities with Dragonsprye. the rocks are in the DS style, as well as a red sky with bone"drakes". maybe Mooshu isn't the only place with hidden areas.

  3. I also found another secret. A quote from the factions post on the pirate101 website about Marleybonians "With colonies in Skull Island, Darkmoor, and Krokotopia and trade agreements nearly everywhere else, protecting the flow of ships between colonies and especially through Stormgates is Marleybone's highest priority". There seems to be a world out there named Darkmoor, interesting. Never noticed it but this might be another Cool Ranch, is it not? But as we know the fairy in W101 that said she was from Weirwood we assumed meant Weirwood was it's own world and not a part of Avalon so possibly Darkmoor is just a different name for Dragonspyre?

  4. @Nicholas Lionrider - Very interesting. It could also be another world altogether, KingsIsle just carried over many of the props from Wizard101.


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