Why Do Blogs Promote Their Content?

Is it a question you've always been afraid to ask? A secret irritation that you never understood? One way or another, we've almost all been exposed to promotion in the Wizard101 community. Consider Wizard101 - they've got it all - Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and YouTube! How about Diary of a Wizard, whose owner is often called the Queen of Social Media? There's quite a lot of promotion left and right. Why is that?

As a blogger, I can tell you that it really makes your day to receive comments and feedback. You gain a new way of thinking. When I win a Blood Raven, I don't think "Yes, a new mount", I think "Yes, a new prize!" It is much more rewarding to me to hold a contest than keep such an item.

Oftentimes, bloggers slightly pour their heart and soul out into their blog, and so they like to know that people read their hard work. One of the ultimate goals of blogging is to convey information, opinions, tips, and tricks. That means providing guides, expanding on news and updates, posting about the best farming spots, or the rarest treasure cards, offering chat areas and unique features, and thinking of ways to improve the Wizard101 community.

Here's the kicker - what good is pouring out your heart and soul if there's no container to fill. And if my odd metaphor makes no sense - why research and type numerous pages of information, create special posts, prepare contests, and put so much effort into something that no one will look at. It takes us back to the ultimate goals of a blogger - conveying opinions and messages, posting unique perspectives, creating guides, and offering help.

One of my favorite examples is Kelsey Fireheart. Her website is one of the finest, and if you haven't seen it, you've got to take a look: http://www.starsofthespiral.com/! She's updated the design, and it's wonderful! Plus, check out all of the information on that website! It gives Wizard101 Central a run for its money when you consider the organization and content, there's no question that this is a site to visit. However, consider her 20,000 pageviews (I believe she said) versus Wizard101 Central's 2,000,000+ pageviews.

Kelsey has an outstanding site, and now, all she needs is to reach a great audience, and assist as many people as possible.

And have you wondered how the Friendly Necromancer came to be the most popular blogger around? Besides his awesome posts, and helpful website features, nearly every post comes with a Tweet and Facebook post!

In summary, promotion may sometimes seem out of place in the Wizard101 community, or unnecessary, but, in reality, it's an essential part of the ultimate blogging goal - conveying information, creating special posts, sharing opinions, helping as many people as possible, and getting site feedback.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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