Dress to Impress: How to Look Your Best For the UK Diamond Jubilee Celebration

You've already enjoyed a parade and a flash mob, but there's still a Labyrinth maze to explore and enjoy in the UK, and you can't slack off in your royal attire now! Here's a guide to looking your best - from cheap, Marleybone gear to top-notch royal coats!

Some wizards' number one resource will be the Bazaar - and it's well worth checking out, too, as they've got some very fitting clothing pieces. For example, take a look at this Noble Hat, Noble Garb, and Cardinal Shoes! They're all reasonably priced.

Tip: Go for the gear without stats! It's oftentimes cheaper, and you can dye it any color to match any outfit!

Every good outfit needs a matching wand, too! If you're on a budget, you can go with a simple, 32 gold wand, or perhaps a staff, if your bag is bulging with gold at the one of the higher-end worlds! I've also pictured a featured outfit in the crown shop - the Royal Attire. It can be dyed and combination of colors, and is quite fitting for the Diamond Jubilee, but it's only available for crowns.

Tip: Marleybone outfits include Pirate, Sleuth, Noble, Brigadier, Swashbuckler, Dandy, and Adventurer.

If you're looking for a full set, or you just can't find what you need at the Bazaar, check out Eloise's Hand Made Goods in Marleybone! She'll sell you these outfits in your choice of colors!

Once you've got your complete outfit, if you haven't already, think about colors! I chose a Red and Silver combination. Dark colors and silver or white always look nice, and shown below. Just make sure to dye your whole set to match. If you picked out no-stat gear, you should be able to dye it any color.

Tip: If you're going to stitch your gear stats to your new Marleybone outfit, dye the Marleybone outfit FIRST! It'll save you a greatly increased dye cost that you might have had afterwards!

Finally, what set is complete without a loyal companion by your side. If you're on a budget, you can purchase a Dragon from the Wizard City pet shop - they come in any color and can be dyed to match your outfit for a low price. 

Take a look at my full outfit here!

I'm not near as wealthy as some UK wizards, and I managed an outfit of royal proportions! Get geared up, and I'll see you at the Labyrinth Maze tomorrow!


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