LotS's UK Summer's Super Party Recap and Other UK Updates

Earlier today, Legends of the Spiral UK hosted the Summer's Super Party in-game. While the party page itself indicated that only ten or twenty people might be coming, but the game told a whole different story! Quickly, Gamma went from one area to three, and the Life tower filled up!

One of the neatest parts of the party was that Gameforge Support was there to help! They assisted in announcing the "port buses" and kept everyone on the right track.

Several of us added as many as possible and teleported to Mason's wonderful Sultan's Palace! When I arrived, there were already people running about, visiting the genie, and playing PvP.

Everyone was gathered inside for some of our contests, including Best Dressed, and everyone received a code for a free Skyracer Pegasus rental mount! If you missed the code, you can still get it at http://www.legendsofthespiral.co.uk/! (Also look for the party review there, and keep your eyes on http://thelifeofawizard.wordpress.com/ for their post!)

After that, we all headed to the Unicorn Way Hedge Maze, where we held a Trivia Contest, and the first correct answer was awarded a prize!

You should have seen all the PMs coming in!

After that, Blake (Kaito) was already in place for Hide-and-Seek in Wizard City. The cool part of the hunt was that Gameforge Support announced the hiding, and the winner once they were found. As Blake was found and awarded prizes, Mason and I set out to hide!

I chose a tree, behind a building, in the back of Triton Avenue. The announcement was made that we were hiding, and the hunt began.

Despite the number of places to look in Wizard City, I was found relatively quick!

The winner was awarded a Crown Shop prize, and then it was time to find Mason!

At the conclusion of Hide-and-Seek, all party-goers were dismissed, and Mason, Kaito, and I all met in a Dorm Room for a quick photo and post-party meeting.

Helping host the party was relatively difficult, especially when you're level 15, and no one thinks that you're technically part of the party. Not to mention the countless wizards, need for port buses, and keeping everyone entertained. If I were to do it again, I'd definitely make sure that Gameforge Support was ready to assist, and try keeping them in one place. I'd hope that the UK had gotten the Tag Game and Scavenger Hunt, and that they were placed in a house with a PvP Arena. I also find it helpful to have a string of houses like Gameforge Support does, with a maze.

Still, the party was fantastic - we just weren't expecting so many! Here's a quick video that sums up the party for you!

In other news, Happy Hour is back in the Spiral - pick up your favorite Crown Shop goodies with 20% more crowns!

Regardless of who takes the cup home at the European Championships – one thing’s for sure: everyone’s a winner at our Happy Hour! For every Crown purchase between 4 and 8 pm on Sunday you will get an enchanting 20% extra. Then you can go shopping to your heart’s desire! This offer is also valid for Paysafecards, which you can buy in the high street. Happy Shopping!

Wait a minute, what's that in the sky? Only the newest Crown Shop mount - the Night Wyvern! This Wyvern is now available in the Crown Shop for 25,000 crowns (sure you don't want to try that pack, instead?)!

Check out the Crown Shop to purchase this elusive Wyvern.

Want to read other UK posts? If you haven't noticed, I've added a Sort by Topic tool to the right that lets you look at posts of a certain type!

That's it for now - thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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