Scheduled Posting and Contest Reminder

What is that picture there? It's one of the greatest options in Blogger! It means that I can go out of town where there's no guarantee on Internet Connection or time to make use of such a luxury... scheduled posting! So, why haven't I approved your recent comment? Why haven't I responded to your email? I'm posting here, after all. Want to hear the funny part? Yeah, it's just that tool!

You last few posts were all scheduled from a previous day due to my traveling out of town where, as I said, there's no guarantee I'll have internet, or that I'll even have the time to use it.

Using this clever feature on Blogger, you can set posts to appear after a certain time on a certain day. You can even technically post yesterday, today.

What I'd really like to remind you about with this post is my one-year Blog-A-Versary contest! It ends on 6/17/2012. When I return shortly before, I'll be going through each and every entry (yes, there's 1400+) and verifying that the required action was completed. If you accidentally hit submit before typing the answer to a question, I'll be deleting those entries shortly.

I suggest that you spend the final day or two of the contest, looking over the contest page ( to make sure that all of your entries were verified and not removed.

Good luck to all! That's if for now, but thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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  1. The Scheduled Posting tool is a blogsaver on busy weeks, and even busy week-ends! I can write up a few posts and post them during what I perceive as the blogging 'rush hour', even if I'm not there!


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