Scavenger Hunt, Wysteria Villa, New Mounts, and Other Wizard101 Updates

My being out and about doesn't mean that you have to miss out on your latest Wizard101 news with special pictures and detailed descriptions! In just the past few weeks, Wizard101 has thrown five new mounts in the Crown Shop, introduced a new house, released a new housing game, and put up a few new polls and sales!

First up, Wizard101 gave us an opportunity to purchase two new, large mounts - the Camel, available for 6500 crowns, and the Auroch, for 7500 crowns.

A few days later, they announced that anyone purchasing the Super Bundle prepaid card would receive all of the usual goodies, but would get 25% more crowns than normal! This offer lasts through June 24th, so take advantage of it while you can!
If you liked those first two new mounts, check out these other three, newly released on the 24th! There's the Owl Mount for 9000 crowns, or a Grey or Brown Warg mount for 6500 crowns!

Wizard101 wants to know - what is your favorite house to garden in? Vote in the poll at!
If that weren't enough, they opened up the Test Realm, which is currently still open, and released the first Wysteria House! Here's a quick preview!

There's also a brand new Scavenger Hunt game! The Scavenger Hunt game has already made its way to the live realm and is available for 2500 crowns or to craft from a vendor in Abbey Road - fair warning, you must be a Legendary Artisan to craft it, and the recipe isn't easy!

There are four different modes to try!

1. Scramble - Find the most Zeke friends to win in a very limited amount of time!

2. Find a Set - Be the first player to find one of each type of Zeke's friends to win.

3. Find One - Be the first to find the one lost Zeke friend.

4. Find Ten - Prepare to out-race your friends to be the first to find 10 of Zekes friends to win!

That about sums up the updates this past month... Oh, and one more thing! May 30th was my one-year blog-a-versary, and YOU'RE getting the gifts - you might win a Blood Raven Mount, a Tag Game Kiosk, 1000 Crowns, or some KIFG codes! Check it out at!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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