Avalon Journal Day 8

It was time for my eighth and final questing day in Avalon. I sent out a tweet wondering if anyone was interested in helping. If I took help, I wanted it to be casual help. Everyone was either behind in questing or not currently available. Eventually, out of boredom, I began myself.

Based on my entrance into this area before and a glance at a guide, I estimated two fights in the instance: The Heart Lancers and the Pendragon. My first goal was to defeat four Hear Lancers, Life enemies will over 4,000 health a piece. I could manage three a battle on my own, but after completing one battle, the goal was automatically completed.

The room cleared of all enemies, and I walked forward to a dull stone... and from it, I pulled the mighty Sword of Kings! Each of my characters received a school-specific, no trade, no auction, no sell blade with decent statistics geared toward their school.

The Lady of the Lake congratulated me, and sent me upstairs... to face four more Death enemies with similar health. These weren't as much of a challenge, but still not easy. After three, the quest again moved on, and instructed me to visit the Throne Room!

The Pendragon awaited, cheats ready, over 15,000 health, and minion-less. Initially, he used Entangle (Life Dispel) on both of us, then used a Fire Dragon whose damage over time lasted the entire game. Fortunately, it amounted to less than a hundred per hit.

I used a Death dispel and two feints. It was said that he would Scarecrow after a trap. Without interrupting, he attempted to cast a Death spell on his turn, and fizzled. However, he lost four power pips. If it was a cheat Scarecrow, it'd be free, right? And he didn't do anything for the second trap. With a couple of blades, and a Leviathan, he was dead.

It was surprisingly easy for a final instance, especially compared with others like Nastrond and Mirror Lake. Even compared to Ghost Avalon.

However, I wasn't done yet. From the scaly body came King Artorius, the Horned Crown falling from his head. That same crown that Morganthe had placed there.

He was now gravely ill and the only thing that might save him was an anecdote requiring the defeat of the Black and White dragons in the Crystal Caves. They weren't actually in the caves, however, they were just through a passage behind the King's throne. I had wondered why these dragons were there.

I hadn't brought the extra treasure cards for this battle with them both, but what I had should be sufficient. With a quick deck arrangement, we entered the battle. The first thing that I realized was that the only hit spell that I had packed was Leviathan from the Pendragon battle. Fortunately, I had more than one. One by one, we took the dragons down!

With that, a new bit of music played, and we went to the hallway of the instance to meet King Artorius, Queen Gwendolyn, and the knights that we'd gathered from all over Avalon... those NPCs are always a little bit off on their timing... their help might have been nice a few minutes ago.

After my talk with the Lady of the Lake, and the completion of that quest, I got one final, new quest. I needed to talk to Merle Ambrose... for over 150,000 experience! That definitely beats the old 3,000 from previous worlds' end quests.

I also wasn't yet level 80, despite the fact that I'd taken on several side quests already. I liked that - it meant that you had to explore more of Avalon than just the main quest areas.

It was a nice conclusion to Avalon... at least for the story. I think that worlds like this and Wintertusk really make for an enjoyable experience... though I hope that I can do more questing with friends next time around!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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