Take the Quiz - Which Pirate101 Class is Right For You?

First of all, if you emailed in a design question, I answered it at http://www.swordroll.com/2012/05/your-design-questions-answered.html! It isn't too late to email in questions if you're interested! However, for now, if you haven't decided, or even if you have, it's time to take a quick little quiz to see which Pirate101 class you're most suited for. Are you a bustling buccaneer, wandering the high seas with the heaviest armor available, or a musketeer, specializing in traps and long-range shots? Maybe you're a privateer, build for assistance and navigation. You might also choose to be a swashbuckler, relying on cunning and finesse for survival. And then, there are always those few that are obsessed with dead things... you're a Witchdoctor!

Here's a quick, 10-question quiz for you!

1. As a gamer, I prefer to...
A. Do heavy damage at the cost of toughness
B. Be tricky, and safely kill my opponents from afar
C. Weaken foes and attack from the shadows
D. Sacrifice grace and finesse for toughness
E. Reinforce teammates for their attacks

2. My choice of weapon is...
A. A light, but damaging blade
B. A ranged weapon such as a gun or bow and arrows
C. Magic, used to rig the outcome of combat
D. A large sword with the highest possible damage
E. A loyal companion

3. If attacked, it'd be best to FIRST...
A. Turn swiftly and return attacks
B. Put distance between yourself and the opponent
C. Summon a minion to aid you
D. Gather your courage and prepare to fight
E. Instruct the group on immediate battle tactics

4. When attacking, it's BEST to...
A. Prepare a surprise attack
B. Sets traps in hopes of slowing enemies
C. Prepare to weaken an enemy and attack from far away
D. Attack - you've got the power and resistance, after all
E. Plan out a complete attack

5. If I could do one thing in the Pirate101 community, I'd...
A. Write a bold fan-fiction for the official site
B. Prepare an elaborate image for the Fan Art section and submit it anonymously
C. Gather information from the internet to assist others on Pirate101 Central and other sites
D. Share adventures, pictures, and short stories through social media
E. Create an assistance group to help those in need

6. There are five members in your group, three companions, and sixteen gold coins on the floor. You...
A. Grab as many as possible
B. Steal coins from those who've picked them up
C. Enchant the coins to come right to you
D. Force everyone out of the way as you pick up the coins
E. Stand back in hopes that someone will divide them up after the excitement dies down

7. You are threatened by another pirate ship in a Skyway. Time to...
A. Pull forward as if you're ignoring them, and then turn sharply to attack
B. Out-fly the other ship, leaving a trail of rubbish behind
C. Fire the cannons at the enemy ship's weak point
D. Fire immediately and attack by all means possible
E. Reinforce the ship as your crew members prepare to attack

8. It's time to hunt for buried treasure in a nearby forest! You...
A. Run ambitiously into the forest
B. Check for traps before each investigation
C. Go off on your own and search
D. Slice your way through the forest, leaving a trail for the others
E. Check your maps and proceed accordingly

9. A quote that fits your philosophy on pirates is...
A. "... we're naught but humble pirates."
B. "I think it'd be rather exciting to meet a pirate. "
C. "Some pirates achieved immortality by great deeds of cruelty or derring-do. Some achieved immortality by amassing great wealth. But the captain had long ago decided that he would, on the whole, prefer to achieve immortality by not dying."
D. "... don’t they wear the bulliest clothes! Oh no! All gold and silver and diamonds"
E. "Now and then we had a hope that if we lived and were good, God would permit us to be pirates. "

10. A good life philosophy is...
A. "My life has a superb cast but I can't figure out the plot."
B. "The art of life is the art of avoiding pain."
C. "Don't take life too seriously. no one gets out alive, anyways."
D. "Speak softly and carry a big stick."
E. "Don't wait for your ship to come in, swim out to it."

Mostly A's - You're a Swashbuckler! Your rely almost solely on your speed an finesse to outdo your opponent, and plan clever sneak attacks to further your cause. You specialize in weapons made especially for finesse, and likely have a high dodge skill. You're decently powerful, with a deadly agility. Your cunning raccoon trainer will teach you to be quick on your feet and skilled with a blade. You'll be able to attack multiple enemies at once, so you're never at a disadvantage when surrounded.

Mostly B's - It's a Musketeer's life for you! As a musketeer, you're an expert marksman who is a mastery of firearms and trick shots. You prefer to damage enemies safely from afar and force enemies to keep their distance by setting up many advanced traps, including your special attack, called Rain of Mortarshells! Your obstacles, in unison with your ability to snipe from afar, make you an icon. Your explosive traps also add to a battle and make for an interesting scenario. Your accuracy skill is very important to you.

Mostly C's - Is there a Witchdoctor in the house? In this pirate class, you're a master of arcane powers, and use them to rig the outcome of battles and combat. You might be lacking in the armor skill, but I'd imagine that your resistance and will are quite notable! By these same principles, you're weak in direct fights, but you've got hexes to weaken foes, blasts of fire to attack from a distance, and a special ability, Mournsong, allowing you to summon spirits to drain the health of your enemies! Playing fair is not part of your philosophy. You train in the dark arts.

Mostly D's - You're a Buccaneer! You rely on your brute strength to overcome enemies, and your outstanding courage will do the rest! What you lack in grace and finesse, you make up for in toughness. You can wield the biggest weapons, and wear the heaviest armor. Your signature power, Blade Storm, gives you an extra ability for each enemy you defeat in battle! Your strength skill is at the top of the charts, and your armor skill helps you resist attacks, making for the perfect strategy.

Mostly E's - It's a Privateer for you! You're a natural-born leader. You command an rally your troops into battle, and can recruit more companions than any other pirate class! Your abilities focus on boosting your teammates' abilities and attacks in battle. You've probably got a nice balance of skills around the board. With your special Reinforce power, you can heal wounded teammates in battle.

Keep in mind that this quiz is just for fun, but it can help you make the difficult decision on a pirate class!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!


  1. Being a Privateer is the pirates life for me!! :)

  2. Swashbuckler....MA LIFE DREAM!!!

  3. Guns < Swords, just saying

  4. I can't choose between Buccaner Swash, or musk. Swashbucklers Do the best damage but it's a really wide damage range so you may not end up with a powerful attack.
    Buccaneers can do big damage quickly just a BIT smaller damage than the swash.
    Muskateers can attack enemies from a range and defend themselves with traps. and they happen to have maybe the third most powerful hits?

  5. Im A Witch Doctor Yay They Are Awsome!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. I'm a swashbuckler awesome!

  7. Sweet! i am a buccaneer

  8. Yay I`m a swashbuckler.

  9. No, it's guns>swords. Swords (swashbucklers, buckaneers) go all up in the battle and despite being tought and agile, THEY are the class that gets killed the most often. Witchdoctors have handy spells for different occasions, but musketeers can kill from a safe distance, and the traps are really powerful, so you're always safe if an enemy comes your way. Now, I'm not saying that the schools are bad, because they aren't and they have their quirks, but honestly. I buckaneer and a swashbuckler vs a musketeer and say, a witchdoctor in PVP- musk and witch would win, IF both sides correctly used their strengths. All classes are dangerous in their own ways, remember that! But musketeers rock.
    -Perilous Geniveve Ashburn, musketeer.

  10. Dude being privateer is awesome they get the most companions

  11. I am an awesome Swashbuckler

  12. I am an awesome Swashbuckler


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