One-Year Blog-A-Versary - Contest Time!

It's contest time, and there's no shortage of prizes! If you didn't one, today is my one-year Blog-A-Versary. That's right, exactly one year ago, today, I started this blog. You can read my full commentary and recommended readings at!

Starting tomorrow, you can enter to win a variety of prizes! First up on the board is a permanent Blood Raven Mount! This mount is one of very few that hold two people, and it isn't easy to get your hands on - the only way to obtain two-person mounts is through packs and giftcards.

If you aren't familiar with two-person mounts, they hold two people, obviously, but also offer many bonus effects. If you run two accounts, you can put your characters on one mount. This means joining and leaving battles together, without worry of not making the first round, or waiting too long in the streets. You also both receive health and mana from wisps. It is also easy to talk to NPCs and collect items directly from the mount! To use this mount, you also have to be in a group, which means that if you do get separated, you'll save the other person a spot when you start a battle!

Next up on the list is a Tag Game Kiosk! If you aren't up for the absolutely crazy crafting recipe, or you don't want to spend your extra crowns, here's a chance to win the Tag Game for yourself! With this game, you can play regular Tag or Wildfire Tag complete with power-ups and you'll be sure to have a fantastic party, or just a great get-together with your friends.

Third, if you're short on crowns, or you'd like to try your hand at a few packs, you've got an opportunity to win 1,000 crowns!

Finally, if you just want a bit of loot - snacks, reagents, gold, and a shot at even rarer items - then you've got a chance to win some of those, too!

A link to the contest page will be posted at the top of the page shortly.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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