Avalon Journal Day 4 and The Life of a Pirate

Writing From: The Wyrd and Dun Dara; Avalon

Today was quite a long day in the Wyrd and Dun Dara. It began in The Wyrd, where I started off with a mob fight, releasing a Fire Light that led me to the place I'd been eyeing since I arrived at the location - the Lost Abbey. Inside, a white Specter ghost awaited me.

I needed to show everyone that I was on their side, and with that, I was forced to perform a variety of errands, including dousing an Imp colony with "rainbow water" to save it from a magical fire.

The ghost that I'd freed from the Lost Abbey said that I needed to find Brigid in the graveyard, but the way was blocked by a two-headed beast... with one half of him turned to stone!

One of the preview pictures of Avalon was this giant in a cave, ready for battle, so I was naturally skeptical of his motives.

Anyway, he needed some fancy Raven cloak, which required the gathering of a bunch of feathers, and defeating of two types of mobs. I always prefer fun over effectiveness (good or bad?), so I used a Dark Crow on one of these Life mobs. Conveniently, this mob used a Critical Rebirth the following round, so we definitely got something out of those excess pips.

I then returned to my old leprechaun friend Shane from The Wild, who enchanted the cloak. He told me to make both heads swear a vow never to harm another leprechaun.

This Billy Brute's final line was "Haha! He went for it? I mean, of course I'll keep my vow."

Then, in following the endless trail of the Sword of Kings, I was referred to the Nameless Knight inside a difficult instance. After a fight, a puzzle, and defeating the knight himself, he agreed to turn over the sword to me... until the Lady of the Lake appeared and took it!

I'll admit, that's a slight setback.

The knight needed assistance in assisting us, but he'd committed crimes so unthinkable while under and evil spell that his own name had been erased from his tomb. And with that, we performed numerous good deeds on the knight's behalf, including returning an old bit of treasure to the Three-Colored Serpent in the Chromatic Tower. In return, the Serpent used his powers to located a lost princess in Dun Dara.

The next issue was that our path was blocked by an Indigo Giant living in Dun Scaith. After defeating him, and freeing his prisoners, we took a side path to Dun Dara, where we met the lost princess for ourselves.

Everything was a slight blur from there... summoning a ghost from a tree repeatedly struck by fire, defeating another Wyrm and a Black Knight, cutting and enchanted Silver Rose, and crafting a Triton's fin as per the request of a mer-fox.

For our efforts, however, we were promoted to Knight of the Wyrd!

As a last protection measure, we needed to put in effect a system to protect the area. We were sent to defeat a load of Death Seraphs for four items... let me tell you, these mobs are over 4,000 health, and there are plenty of battles to be fought before you get all four.

In time, however, we did, and we summoned a Bone Dragon to guard the area.

Finally, with the area protected, we returned to meet the princess in Abbey Road, where we will soon begin our quest to gather the Knights of the Silver Rose. I can feel the tension increasing.

Before you go, you should check out Mason Swiftblade's Pirate101 site - The Life of a Pirate!

I did a few graphic elements for him, that he had the option of using or throwing out. Check them out in various places, and take a look right here!




That's all for today. Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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