Avalon Journal Day 2 and Comment Rules Update

Writing From: Abbey Road and Caer Lyon; Avalon

It's my second day in Avalon, and it's going quite well. In contrast with Zafaria, Avalon is perfectly themed and brilliantly put together. I soon learned that many towers had additional staircases or levels, beyond what was needed, just to add to them. With this, KingsIsle is taking a step in the right direction. We need more areas with "secret" things and places to explore.

My day began in beautiful Caer Lyon! Here, I continued my search for the map (Avalon Journal Day 1). While he's searching for it, I was sent to retrieve a few weapons, and have them restored by a fox who, of course, had more errands for me.

I must admit, however, that these "street battles" are not so bad. They are a slight challenge, actually. Consider it - I think I've not seen one mob under 2000 health, and my Storm's health isn't too far ahead of that. Plus, would you look at the pips they start with! And Malistaire used to be "the baddest of bad guys," and now it's rare to find a boss that has less health than he does, even minor ones in the first few locations.

In time, I was sent to speak to Old Green Beard, who was in a panic over his missing daughter - she was just a poor, helpless sapling. You see, Old Green Beard is a type of Ent - a Treant. In fact, he's so tall that when you're talking to him, the camera pans up so that you can see his face.

At this point, I'd made it to Upper Caer Lyon, which is still within the location, it's just the back half. I defeated a few knights in the streets to find some information, and finally located the "young sapling" in the house of a noble knight! She said that she hadn't been kidnapped at all, but rather, in love. She planned on marrying the knight!

Of course, father Green Beard is delighted, and requested that I request his invitation. When the night refused after Green Beard's status on one of the shrines (with an increasingly long name), the panning of the camera was not so smooth back at the old Ent. In fact, as it zoomed up, it shook violently with Green Beard's rage, as he prepared to bring all of the trees of The Wild to life to attack the knight... but he decided to fix the shrine instead. Or rather, have me fix the shrine instead.

You know, if Morganthe suddenly appeared, I have an odd feeling that everyone would stand their wondering where I was.

Anyway, after fixing up the shrine, and informing both parties, the father was happily invited... and he invited ME into The Wild!

I wasn't quite ready yet, though - I'd reached level 72! The odd part was that our level 70 spells are accessed after we hit level 72, thus unlocking those spells. After being promoted from Squire to our next rank, my Death and Storm headed to get the quest.

As it turns out, it was an 11,000+ health Storm boss with a nearly 3,000 health Life minion... quite the combo! Slowly, but surely, my Death worked to complete the seemingly endless battle. It was one of the best he'd had yet. The boss never let me get to full health on him, despite my Life mastery amulet and steal spells. Instead, I did multiple power-ups and hits.

Unfortunately, my Storm was not so lucky. He had the disadvantage of few heals, only Pixie, low health, and the need for a prism. He quickly died the first try, but I wasn't ready to give up. While still battling on my Death, I marched right back in and started again. The first turn, I pulled a Life Shield from my sidedeck and avoided the majority of a Centaur. After blading, I took a Leviathan to the face, which quickly left me "buff-less."

I finally managed a powerful Sirens, but it not only failed to kill the minion, but also did only 400 damage on the boss because I'd forgotten the prism!

I threw a Pixie, a few Storm Shields, and saved for a Storm Lord, which finished off the minion, and set the boss back another 500 health. Then I began to discover my prisms, which I rapidly placed. In time, I accumulated the blades and prism for a nice Leviathan, but still struggled with health. In fact, it was as low as 100 or so at one point. Eventually, through luck, Spritely, and a bit of hard work, I managed it, and not too long after my Death had finished. My Death learned Mass Infection, and my Storm learned Enfeeble.

Then we continued on into the Wild...

But that involves much unfinished business, and is a story for another day.

I did take a look around Abbey Road. I picked up a few side quests, including the Crows, and checked out the overpriced shops with items that no one buys. Not much to see here, other than a very pretty little building in the center of the area.

As a side note, I've made a few updates to the comment rules, so make sure to take a look at those. That's all for today! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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