Like What You See? Submit It For Explanation!

There has been a bit of talk going around about blog designs. Now I won't claim to be a master designer, but I definitely have a passion for design. While Swordroll's Blog ( is quite lacking in unique designs (soon to be changed), my newest blog, Pirate101, is quite interesting... take a look!

Personally, I desperately hope you aren't viewing Swordroll's Blog in anything other than Chrome, as it looks quite horrendous outside this browser. Back to the Pirate101 blog! Now think to yourself... have I ever seen that design before? Nope. It isn't a copy of It isn't a slightly customized template from blogger, even though it started as one. Think to Friendly's site, too. You don't see that design every day, either. Designs make a blog memorable and despite the fact that you might think "oh, you can't judge a site by its design," people will do just that. Having a memorable design does wonders for you.

Notice on my Pirate101 Blog and Friendly's Blog ( that there are high-customized links. Wondering how it's done?

And how about the extensions beyond the edges of the blogger template? How's that done? And what about How'd the get the three areas of content, and the attribution at the bottom of the of the sidebars?

I'd like to give all wizards and/or pirates a chance to email in a design element that they'd like to know how to do, and I'll explain it to the best of my ability. You can email you questions to!

If you're wondering about more than one thing, feel free to send in multiples! In the mean time, thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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