How To Get 1000 Free In-Game Gold and Minor Blog Changes

We're all looking forward to KingsIsle's latest game - Pirate101. But, are you looking for a head start in-game, before the game has even hit beta? I'm here to help! It isn't too hard to set yourself ahead with one thousand (1,000) in-game gold pieces... For free! The best part is that it's incredibly easy, and you can do it, too!

I've also made a few changes to my Pirate101 blog, including some involving comment options and moderation and what you see right below you - jump breaks! More on why this was added and how to get your free gold in the full post!

First, you should know that not everyone is eligible for this prize. However, it's pretty simple, otherwise.

Go ahead and create a new account. Only new accounts will be able to receive the gold. Enter a valid email address, and check your email once you've created the account. I created one new account, because of the fact that you use your credentials for both Wizard101 and Pirate101. I'm hoping to be able to do both at once in the limited in-game time that I have.

Simply follow the email link, and you'll get 1000 in-game gold pieces! You should note that this is not an early money-making method, as the code only works for your newly-created account!

In other news, the website now has the option to become part of the crew! Join the members down at the bottom of the page! Also, all comments now go through moderation and must be approved before they will show up. However, anyone will be able to comment, even users who are not registered.

As you may have also noticed, all posts now include a jump break to slow down loading time on the homepage and display more content on each page.

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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