Don't worry, you won't find any flying fish or other enemies here, as this is a skyway! Swordroll's Skyway, to be exact, and I'm here to help you make a safe passage on your journey across the Spiral! This new game, with new enemies, and a new form of combat, can be slightly confusing at times, but take a look around the site, and you can quickly familiarize yourself with the game basics.

While Pirate101 is not scheduled to be released until later this year, so why is this site here? Swordroll's Skyway is your source for all things Pirate101 - you'll be showered with all of the news, updates, photos, sneak peeks, and more - all leading up to this epic game's release. Why start learning about something after it's already been released? Get familiar with the basics and the story before, so you'll be ready to make a safe journey across the Spiral!

There are many pages currently under construction, and new guides and pages may be added frequently, so keep your eyes peeled! If you want a specific guide, let me know!

Until our next post/official release, explore the site as you please, and leave feedback! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral - in Pirate101, that is!

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