The Story of Health Bounty

You may have seen the new talent, Health Bounty. It's on nearly all of the new level 78 pets in the Avalon test realm. There's just one thing you should know - it's not new.

Health Bounty has actually been around for some time. Remember that mess of hatching after Greyrose gave the "ok" to hatch for Cloud O' Bugs? There was a ton of hidden talents being revealed - Snow N' Tell, Cloud O' Bugs, Health Bounty, etc. I offered many of my pets with these talents up for anyone wanting to hatch for awhile. Others were less generous.

One person posted pictures of all of his pets and fantastic talents, but refused to hatch with anyone. I soon also came across the talent Pain-Bringer, a minor version of Pain-Giver.

An interesting couple contacted me and asked to meet up in the hatchery to hatch for Pain-Bringer... in trade for some amazing TCs!

I agreed, and they allowed me to pick from a few different pets, and when my eyes spotted Health Bounty, I asked for the pet. The hatch, however, was unsuccessful for both of us. They asked for a rehatch.

We both obtained our talents this time, and that's the last I ever heard of them... it isn't my only pet conspiracy story, though.

I had finally obtained Health Bounty, but my program for hatching was dying down - I'd fallen behind and they'd likely already obtained the talents, and so it was no use anymore. I will say this - I ordered people according to when they asked, but allowed some to move to the top if they had a desirable pet or offered something in return such as forum gold or treasure cards.

One moderator contacted me telling me that he'd removed all of my pictures for hot-linking and nearly closed my thread due to bribery... AFTER he looked the thread over and made an offer himself! Irritation? Probably! That's when I looked over the rules again, and read up on hot-linking, what it was, etc. I relinked my images and continued on.

I kept the talent to myself for the most part, wanting to see what I could do with it first.Pre-Zafaria, an Ice character with 52%+ universal resistance, and 4000+ health would be quite a difficult opponent. Throw in a Life mastery amulet, and you'd have some real problem. With Health Bounty, it'd be possible to easily top 4000 health, and go beyond anyone else's potential at the time. However, I began to drift away from Wizard101, off to other things... including blogging.

To this day, the talent sits on a pet that's probably lost among my attics, houses, and banks, all filled with hundreds of pets and items... how will I clean it up in time for the Avalon update?

That's pretty much the rundown on Health Bounty... now it'll be available on level 78 pets for the taking! Don't be fooled, though, that isn't the best part! There are new resist, damage, and accuracy talents for each school! They are ESTIMATED to top 10% (accuracy and damage) or 15% (resist). That means that you could have 30% resist to any school, and 15% resist to all others, plus another talent, all on one pet. Or maybe you'd want 20% damage to a single school with another talent, too?

That has me eyeing that 100% Death resistance. Imagine a boss situation. The boss would be targeting one person, and so the boosts on my gear would not be a significant factor. I'd be able to use any 0 pip spell, then Bad Juju every other round. That boss'd have a hard time hitting!

Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral!

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