Wizard101 UK GameMasters Party and Wysteria in Live!

The stunning Mason Swiftblade is forced to skip his next turn.

You might be busy with Avalon in the US, but the UK wizards received a rare opportunity to meet some of the people behind the scenes - Gameforge Support themselves! And tons of them, too. That is, if they could make it past a multi-house maze of portals, dead-ends, and tons of players competing for the limited space in the final party house!

Before the party began, the GameMasters left us with a riddle to point us in the right direction:

Hello and Welcome to all of our Wizards, 
We have washed the windows and sweeped all the floors in preparation for you to meet and greet the GameMasters properly with a house party. With refreshments and snacks it will be quite the pleasant evening. 
But our luck has run out. It seems a bizarre magical storm has separated our hosts from the party and they are having trouble getting back. We are in need of your help. We are offering a prize to the first three wizards who make it safely to the party at the castle grounds at the PvP practice arena. So you can tell us where the poor lost GameMasters have gotten stuck and we can guide them safely back to the main party. 
We have recruited Fiona Fairyfinder to invite you all to the party and begin your search. She is a level 70 wizard with 'GameForge Support' badge waiting to meet you outside the Wizard City library on Ambrose server realm 1. She will be starting the event at 18:00 BST so that will be 19:00 CEST, so be there a little early even. 
GameMaster Meet and Greet House Party 13.4.2012 18:00 - 20:00 BST / 19:00 - 21:00 CEST

We have consulted an oracle for some clues to find our missing GameMasters separated from the party. The following is all we were able to piece together. 
Each one has a number,
Fire adds one
Ice removes one
with Storm you're back to 0
with Death you're standing still
Stay away from the Balance
and let Life lead you to what we will be celebrating at the beginning of the last week. 
We look forward to seeing you all there and hope you all look your best after being jinxed by Friday the 13th... 
GameMaster Meet and Greet House Party 13.4.2012 18:00 - 20:00 BST / 19:00 - 21:00 CEST

As it turns out, the competition began before we even arrived at the house!

Trying to find the "port bus" to the house was madness. First, it was Fiona Fairydust. She might not have been as hard to find if everything had properly loaded on my screen, but there were still plenty of invisible people walking aimlessly. To my surprise, she added me, and I was taken care of. Ambrose filled up and there were soon multiple pages of areas, and no one seemed able to make it to area 1!

When we were finally teleported to the dorm room, there was just a box... Turns out that the box was a teleporter that hadn't loaded yet. I spent the next five minutes running into boxes hoping they'd teleport me somewhere. After things loaded, it began to make a bit more sense.

We spent somewhere between half and hour and a full sixty minutes navigating the maze. The order, if I'm not mistaken, went Dorm - Island Getaway - Myth House - Wizard's Watchtower - Sultan's Palace - Massive Fantasy Palace. If you took the right portal, you'd be stuck at a Wizard City House with no portals out.

Before long, though, I began to uncover the puzzle, and made my way to the final destination - the MFP where the party would take place. Here's a picture of the first group to arrive:

Here's an explanation of the riddle, as far as I know.

Each one has a number, Every house is numbered
Fire adds one This color of portal moves you on to the next house
Ice removes one This portal moves you back one house
with Storm you're back to 0 This color of portal starts you over
with Death you're standing still This color of portal takes you somewhere else in the house
Stay away from the Balance This color of portal teleports you to the dead-end WC house
and let Life lead you to what we will be celebrating at the beginning of the last week. I'm still not sure about this one

In time, many people made it to the MFP, and just about as many didn't. Gameforge was able to release many messages directly on our screens to direct us.

The party was a great opportunity to meet several new people and run into some old friends... all with the fun of a massive maze, and Gameforge Support to be there with us!

In other news, Wysteria has recent hit live in Wizard101 UK! All club members can now journey to another academy of magic in the Spiral... but not for wizards! PIGSwick Academy is holding a tournament that gathers representatives from all schools and places them together in a battle for the Spiral Cup. The only problem is, YOU'VE stolen it!

Solve the mysteries, battle the monster, and win the tournament... all in Wysteria! Check out more information and promotional trailers at http://thelifeofawizard.wordpress.com/2012/04/13/wysteria-arrives-with-flare-to-europe/!


  1. Thanks for linking to my blog and thanks for the compliment!

    Must say it is a pleasure having you as a fansiter for the UK! I would love to work with you more on establishing more links between our sites to make the community more fun, which may not be possible considering how fun it is already!!!

    Very well written!

  2. Hi Mason Swiftbalde and Swordroll, I think your blog's are brilliant! I enjoyed reading the section of the blog. But I was wondering if you could support me; as I have made a fansite it is called the Weekly Wizard it is not nearly as good as yours, but I would be very greatful if you had a look at it and said what you thought to me. I want to become an offical. So thanks, and I enjoyed reading your blog.
    Many thanks, Blake Ravenhunter (Joe Matthews)

  3. @Mason Swiftblade - As always, the pleasure is mine! We'll have to do some sort of inter-fansite activity! :)

    @Anonymous - Thanks! I'd love to check out your site, do you have a link?

  4. @Swordroll Of course!

    @Anonymous Hello mate! I will gladly check out your blog/website! If you can plz attach a link in a comment or in a email to masonswiftblade@gmail.com and I shall check it out! I'm sure Swordroll will love to see it too!

  5. Did you know about a new booster pack, is Leviathan's Hoard Pack, which now have inside some Polymorph Elemental(Storm) and inside Celestian Clothing and Wand to Level 1-80, so they are No Trade, and No Auction items, and even they have Celestian themed furniture, which are No Trade, and No Auction too.

  6. @Anonymous - While that's a clever idea, it's something that no one will believe without proof. :/


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