Safari Scramble!

Yes, I'm still working my way through Zafaria, slowly but surely... or maybe, not so slowly. I've spent a bit of time questing and have finally made some real progress tonight! I'm getting close to the end of the world now, and I'm hoping that they won't release Avalon on the live realm until next week, but that seems likely enough.

The announced officially that they'll be changing the title Omnipotent based on player feedback and religious conflicts. This will be happening during "the next test realm update," meaning they've got to make changes at least once more... besides, that Ice school pet quest is still bugged.

I spent some time in Stone Town. I forgot how long and repetitive it was, but I was quickly reminded with the constant "defeat this" and "defeat that." I did hear that Avalon has a lot more boss battles, which I love the idea of. In the future, I'll be suggesting ideas for additions to the game that might make it less "collect, talk, defeat," but it's all good for now.

Stone Town was quite the downer, but once I made it past, I was also reminded of how quickly the Waterfront goes... Belloq was a nice little challenge, and I got distracted with the library, and then did the Black Palace.

In time, I was ready for the Drum Jungle, which I remember being rather long, but I'm ready for it. After all, that only leaves the Elephant Graveyard, which is relatively short, and Mirror Lake. Anyone up for the final instance? Hopefully I'll be ready by tomorrow!

In the meantime, enjoy testing Avalon, and I'll see you in the Spiral!


  1. Ic an help you in Mirror Lake if you want.

  2. Good luck making it through Zafaria :) You'll enjoy Avalon!

  3. I'd help with Mirror Lake, but i'm only in Drum Jungle I:

  4. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE I want to come! We should meet up, I'm on the last bosses of Elephant Graveyard! I have to do Mirror for a quest soon anyways, so can I come? I could also help you in DG, and EG! Please?
    Comment back if you can! ;-)

  5. @Evan Shadow - I'm currently trying to organize a group now if you're interested, but I did put in a request at M4H, so they've currently got first priority, but you can stop by the thread and say you'd like to help out, just be sure to use their assistance form!

  6. I can't find your "above post"

  7. @Evan Shadow - Sorry, I've already completed Mirror Lake. I'm sure that M4H will be happy to help, though!

    If you're still looking for the post, you'll just have to scroll up some more.

  8. Aww, that was really fast. I still haven't finished E.G. ;'-(
    Do you still want to meet up? I can't play during the week though ;(

  9. @Evan Shadow - Sure, I'll still meet up! I won't be available this weekend until Sunday afternoon, however.

    I'll be trying to schedule some group runs through various parts of Avalon, too, so keep an eye out for that post.


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